Hillcrest Town Council update

Hillcrest Town Council update – Jan. 29, 2016

By Benny Cartwright The Hillcrest Town Council kicked off the new year with a lively set of discussions at the Jan. 12 meeting. There were several interesting updates from our community representatives, a discussion about a controversial project slated for Mission Valley, and an open forum on what community members would like to see from the town council in 2016.

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Hillcrest Town Council update – Nov. 20, 2015

By Benny Cartwright There’s a lot going on these days so our Hillcrest Town Council meetings continue to have lots of lively discussion on all sorts of topics. At our Nov. 10 meeting, there was much discussion about two of Hillcrest’s hottest topics: homelessness and parking. Along with that, we also had a visit by state Sen. Marty Block.

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Hillcrest Town Council update – Nov. 7, 2014

By Kath Rogers, vice chair

The Hillcrest Town Council’s next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Joyce Beers Community Center at The Hub Hillcrest Market, formerly known as the Uptown Shopping District. The meeting will feature special guest speaker Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos. Mr. Castellanos will give an overview of how the Port works and will answer questions from the public.

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