Community Organizations

Bankers Hill

Once you leave the western edge of Balboa Park and cross Sixth Street, you’ve entered into an area of Uptown often hurried over hastily. Frequently mislabeled as southern Hillcrest, Northern Downtown — or the area connecting the two — Bankers Hill (or Park West) is a clean, development-friendly corridor seeking to forge an identity of its own.

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The community organizations of Greater North Park: Part Two

As stated in the last issue, North Park is big, active and well organized. That’s because of all the big, active organizations in North Park. To do them justice, the installment on the area’s community organizations comes in two parts. The first, which published on May 9, focused on the area’s land use organizations: the area’s community planning group and its maintenance assessment district. In this issue, the organizations representing businesses and their neighboring residents […]

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