Koblenz, Germany

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Where the Rhine and Mosel converge By Ron Stern | Global Gumshoe It would be hard to find a lovelier off-the-beaten-track city to visit in Germany than Koblenz. Ideally situated where the Mosel River flows into the Rhine, this city has a history dating back 2,000 years starting from when it was a Roman settlement. Today, it is a top tourist destination of stunning beauty with a rich history and culture and a thriving culinary […]

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The life of the architect

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Who designed our homes and shaped our neighborhoods? By Michael Good | House Calls They say you will know a man by his works. If that were true, we should know a lot more than we do about the architects who designed our early 20th-century houses. These shadowy figures put their stamp on the plans that produced our houses and then departed the scene. A few left behind plans and news clippings, a few left behind […]

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Discovering Irving Gill

Posted: September 23rd, 2016 | Columns, Featured, Homes & Garden, Lifestyle | 1 Comment

Cultural institutions join forces to introduce the world to architect By Michael Good | HouseCalls Like many a fledgling hooligan growing up in 1950s Oceanside, California, Milford Wayne Donaldson was introduced to the architecture of Irving J. Gill after running afoul of the law. “I was with five or six of my buddies — we were out surfing. At that time you weren’t supposed to shoot the pier on a Saturday,” he said.

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Autumn’s Arrival

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10 Plants with beautiful fall color for San Diego By Gary Jones Can’t tell by the look of your garden when fall arrives? You must be missing those important trees and shrubs that provide gorgeous fall color in San Diego. As Southern Californians, we need to look beyond the classic maples and deciduous oaks that other climates revel in each autumn, since most don’t grow well here.

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4 decades of orchids and onions

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Voting on annual juried awards event begins soon By Dave Fidlin Other than starting with the letter “o,” orchids and onions, of course, are plants that are polar opposites. Adorned by their sweet fragrance, orchids boast widespread, flowering plants. Onions, by contrast, are plain in appearance and offer a pungent taste and smell. This juxtaposition has been the focal point of the San Diego Architectural Foundation’s (SDAF) Orchids and Onions juried awards program since its […]

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When prophet meets profit

Posted: August 26th, 2016 | Featured, Homes & Garden, Lifestyle | 1 Comment

The under-appreciated Irving Gill gets another shot at respect By Michael Good | House Calls No man’s a prophet in his hometown. I learned that at a young age while sitting in the hard wooden pews of Brooklyn Heights Presbyterian Church, at 30th and Fir streets. Gazing at the stained glass windows, listening to the choir and pondering the anecdote-laden sermons of the pastor, the Rev. Ellis Shaw, I learned about art and architecture, music and […]

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Healthy lifestyle demands robust activity

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By Blake & Gwen Beckcom | Fitness With the summer in full swing, this is an ideal time to make changes to lifestyle routines. They should be wholesale and not just around the edges. Robust activity is a good place to start with a focus on reaching equilibrium with the work-life balance. Think beyond the typical examples such as exercising, but consider activities that enrich and empower the holistic self.

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Reviving the neighborhood, one beer at a time

Posted: July 15th, 2016 | Columns, Featured, Homes & Garden, Lifestyle, North Park | 1 Comment

Craft beer and Craftsman architecture come together at North Park Beer Company By Michael Good | House Calls There are do it yourselfers. And there are DO IT YOURSELFERS. Kelsey McNair is the all-caps kind of DIY guy. When I first met him four years ago, he was looking for advice about the woodwork in his Craftsman bungalow in North Park. Most of the wood trim was intact — bookcases, china cabinet, fireplace mantle — but a […]

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Restoring this old house, inside and out

Posted: June 17th, 2016 | Columns, Featured, Homes & Garden, South Park | No Comments

Time to turn back the clock to when early-20th-century homes were one with nature? By Michael Good | HouseCalls History seems to have overlooked the landscape architect. On the city of San Diego’s website you’ll find information about some 60 master architects, roughly 30 master builders, but only two master landscape architects. Yet garden design was an important part of early-20th-century residential architecture. The Craftsman house was specifically conceived as a blend of indoors and out. […]

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