More from U.S. Rep. Susan A. Davis

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By Andy Cohen | Congressional Watch (Editor’s note: This is the finale of a two-part interview with U.S. Rep. Susan A. Davis. Read the first part at As a new Congress begins its two-year term, Democrats have their work cut out for them. As the Trump era begins, Democrats will be hard-pressed to counteract the policy changes brought about by the Trump administration and his Republican allies in Congress.

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A modest proposal

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By Michael Good

For better or worse, California’s Mills Act has come to define what it means for a house to be historic in San Diego.

A house can qualify based on a number of criteria but, basically, historians are looking for a “yes” to any one of four questions: Is the architect or builder a recognized master? Is the house a significant part of an already designated historic neighborhood? Does the house represent an outstanding example of a recognized house type or style? Was a former resident a historic figure?

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‘Little licks’

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. Cafes in bustling Italian cities typically cater to five meal cycles: breakfast; lunch; a late-afternoon period for wine and light snacks; dinner; and dessert in the mid-evening hours, when more wine or an end-of-day cappuccino is in order. Locally grown Pappalecco, founded in 2007 by two brothers from Pisa, covers those bases.

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‘Bad Jews’ good

By Charlene Baldridge

Joshua Harmon’s “Bad Jews,” seen in its opening performance Jan. 21 at Cygnet Theatre, is set in a present day studio apartment on New York’s Upper West Side.

Billed as 90 minutes in length, it is played without interval, causing one to opine that if there were an interval, some in the audience might flee because the play’s invective, however hilarious, is sometimes challenging, especially to those who spend a lot of time and energy avoiding confrontation.

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