UC San Diego to replace Hillcrest hospital by 2030

Posted: June 16th, 2017 | Communities, Feature, Hillcrest, News, Top Story | No Comments

By Ken Williams | Editor

University of California San Diego plans to build a new medical center on its Hillcrest campus by 2030 to comply with California’s Hospital Seismic Safety Law.

Located at 200 W. Arbor Drive in Hillcrest, the UCSD Medical Center is a Level 1 Trauma Center, a Regional Burn Center and a Comprehensive Stroke Center — capable of treating victims of major traumatic injuries and the most serious health emergencies. The teaching hospital is renown for its groundbreaking research into cancer, heart disease and other complex health conditions. And its Owen Clinic is considered one of the national leaders in treatment for HIV and AIDS.

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Helping the Angels

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By Joyell Nevins

Love, joy, peace, connection.

These are all qualities that the late Jamie Morgan Mychael Bratton-McNeeley embodied. His life will be honored, and the nonprofit organization Urban Street Angels benefitted, at a “Jamie’s Joy Toast to 21” event from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, June 24 at The Irenic in North Park. The Irenic complex has become a home base for the Angels.

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Food fest turns 17

By Jess Winans

Hungry? Come on down to the 17th annual Taste of Adams Avenue and take a bite, as 45 restaurants, wine bars, pubs and coffee houses open their doors to San Diego’s foodie community.

The event, which is always held on the last Sunday of June and hosted by the Adams Avenue Business Association, will take place Saturday, June 25 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Stretching from Mississippi Street in University Heights to Vista Street in Kensington, the food fest also goes through Normal Heights.

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The power of garlic

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Two graduates of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) just took over the kitchen at Garlic Shack, a peculiar but alluring little eatery that makes no apologies for messing with your breath.

Garlic in one form or another finds its way into about 75 percent of the dishes across an American-Asian menu from which you’ll discover steamed burgers, the item that mainly led me here because of its obscurity — at least within San Diego.

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A magical match

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By Michael Good | HouseCalls

Tyler and Tracey Bunting were on their way to the Grape Street dog park when they saw the “for sale” sign in front of the house. “I’ve lived in the neighborhood since ’99,” Tracey said, “and I’ve walked by that house a million times. And it’s always stood out to me.”

Now it was for sale. “I said, ‘We should call on that.’”

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Prioritizing Balboa Park’s many needs

Posted: June 2nd, 2017 | Feature, News, Top Story | 1 Comment

By Ken Williams | Editor

District 3 Councilmember Chris Ward promised voters that he would make Balboa Park one of his main focuses during his inaugural term, along with homelessness and affordable housing.

To date, Ward has thrown himself head-first into the homeless issue, landing a key role as vice chair of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless. Ward has also issued a manifesto on possible strategies to solve San Diego’s growing homelessness problem.

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Pizzas of many stripes

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Tribute Pizza can’t be stereotyped for specializing in only one style of pizza. The wood-fired pies beckon to everywhere — from one of the oldest establishments in Naples, Italy where the Margherita was supposedly invented to a joint in Brooklyn, New York that raised the ire of critics opposed to pineapple as a topping.

The “tributes” point to a dozen varieties and weekly specials based on co-owner Matthew Lyons’ travels around the globe and his longstanding love of the dish.

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Tasting room will replace Ken Video

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By Dave Schwab

Kensington Brewery, chosen to take over the Kensington Video site after an exhaustive search, will replace the mom-and-pop video store located at 4067 Adams Ave. sometime this summer after a remodel.

Owned and operated by the Hanford family since 1984, Kensington Video closed in March 2015, only to reopen 10 months later in a downscaled space with a new business model. The Hanfords, who own the building, closed for a second and final time in April.

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