Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor – July 1

Readers debate if a conflict of interest exists RE: “A conflict of interest? Uptown Planners face a controversy,” Volume 8, Issue 13 or at  [Uptown Planners board member Mia] Rosas clearly has a conflict of interest: Her employer is employed by real estate developers who wish to change zoning for their Hillcrest projects. Pretty simple. —Bruce Bielaski via our website,

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Letters to the editor – Jan. 29

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About affordable housing  Re: “Affordable housing: Is the city about to get serious about the problem?” [Volume 8, Issue 2 or] Thank you for publishing this piece on affordable housing, and highlighting the efforts of the North Park Planning Committee to address the problem. Adding density along the El Cajon Boulevard transit corridor makes sense, considering SANDAG’s Rapid Bus (and future trolley line) investments there.

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Letters to the editor – Dec. 18

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Debating about Hillcrest Re: “Guest editorial: A response to Benjamin Nicholls” by Nancy Moors [Volume 7, Issue 25 or] Thank you, Nancy, for setting the record straight. If anyone has taken a walk around Hillcrest lately, you can see that there is plenty of residential development going on and yet businesses are increasingly shutting their doors.

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