It’s always your fault, so stop making excuses!

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By Patricia Rundblade | Soulful Success Secrets

No one talks about this…

How many times a day are you doing this one thing without even realizing it until it’s too late?

How many of you are making choices in your life that are creating the life you envision?

Patricia Rundblade | The Personal Advancement Group

Patricia Rundblade |
The Personal Advancement Group

How many of you are fully present to the choices you are making in your life?

Are they empowering you or disempowering you?

You often follow up this one thing when it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to with a level of self-dialogue that is usually defeating or disempowering. If and when you actually do have this one thing go well, your dialogue is typically a little less celebratory and probably even unnoticed, and more than likely followed by an excuse or reason in either case.

Why do we do this to ourselves, make excuses about the reason the choices we make in and for our lives? Second guessing if you “should” do it or not, “should” because of what others will think, “should” because of what our friends will think. “Should I or shouldn’t I?”

Living a life of indecision in the land of should and should-not’s can be downright exhausting!

Like many of you, I lived much of my life in that exact location. To view the life I lead now, you wouldn’t think that – heck you’d think I’d always lived my life filled with certainty about my choices and decision and not really caring what others thought of me.

The earlier conversations in my head destroyed so many layers of self-worth and lowered the self-confidence levels of my psyche. There was a closet full of masks to wear so I could hide who I truly was just in case the choice I made didn’t work out. Hiding in the shadows of indecision and wrong choices with outcomes that cost me in more ways than just money.

In this transformational world we live in, developing every side of your character is crucial to your existence. Lessons in each moment teach us to learn to beat failure and disappointment with fortitude. You learn lessons in patience and lessons of enterprise and adventure. With understanding of the choices you make that align with the authentic you, you learn to allow the release of expectations and the unlearning of the status quo, and allow the adaptation of new thoughts and changing conditions.

Once the discovery was made of how my past shaped me as a person, woman, Divine being, then and only then was I able to begin the process of transforming my present to create the vision of the future. Living a life of passion, fulfillment, and authenticity; living in my hero power and revealing the hero within.

The dialogue turned positive and empowering, and the closet full of masks went away.

Whatever you do – never give up! The life you want, the relationship you want, the family you desire, the career of your dreams, the health, the wealth, the JOY that you are seeking is often times JUST beyond the FEAR.

I’d love to extend my support to you and show you how to activate your essence and fully embrace being in the power of your essence. I’ll support you in transforming your negative and limiting beliefs, heal old wounds, let go of the old habits of thought that keep you stuck and suffering in unhappiness, guilt, shame, anger and resentment – I’ve been in your shoes – I can help you.

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Always BE love, Patricia

Featured on Professionals Radio Network, San Diego Small Business Radio, and The Change Book Radio for her best selling books “The Change: Insights to Self Empowerment” and “OH FLUX! How Did I Get Here?” Patricia is not only passionate but also effective about inspiring women to skyrocket their confidence in life and love with MINDSET mastery tools that help her clients experience the results they seek and prosper in all areas.

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