Canopy of lights for Hillcrest

Posted: September 14th, 2012 | Communities, Hillcrest, News, Opinion & News | No Comments

HBA approves contract for lighting project on University Ave to be completed by CityFest 2013

By Anthony King | SDUN Editor

An artist’s rendition of the approved canopy lights, the 14 strings will be installed within one year. (Courtesy HBA)

The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) approved a project to install a permanent light canopy over University Avenue, bringing 14 strings of “festoon lighting” to one block of the neighborhood. Voted on at the Tuesday, Sept. 11 board meeting, the Hillcrest Light Canopy Project will see lights mounted over University Avenue between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

“We’re thrilled to get moving on the canopy lighting project,” said Lisa Weir, HBA marketing and communications director. “This new beautification effort features LED lights to save energy and costs, and will string bits of twinkle across University Avenue in the heart of Hillcrest.”

The board vote was an approval to proceed with “preliminary permitting” for the project, and an “authorization to enter into agreement” with a contractor, the meeting agenda stated. The work is being contracted through Berg Electric, of Escondido.

As part of the contract, Berg Electric will provide and install cables attached to the buildings on either side of the street, as well as the RBG string lights attached to the cables. The company will also oversee construction and traffic-control permits.

The installation will occur “after hours,” the contract states, and the lights will be controlled remotely, with the ability to periodically change their colors as well as set them on a “programmable schedule.”

Also stated in the contract, the HBA agrees to pay for the project, which is not to exceed $49,785. If costs are higher, written authorization is needed for payment. The contract is good for one year, and all work must be completed within this timeframe.

“There is a lot of work ahead of us to complete this project and we’re excited that the neighborhood is behind us,” Weir said. “With community support and enthusiasm we hope to have the project done before CityFest 2013.”

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