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Guest Editorial: Make your donation count – 10 tips for holiday giving

Posted: December 1st, 2017 | Guest Editorial, Opinion, Opinion & News | No Comments

By Paul Downey

The air is chilly. You’re humming holiday songs. You’re calculating how much vacation time you’ve accrued. The holiday season has arrived! Amid the festivities, it’s time to decide on end-of-year donations.

But in today’s segmented world, with countless charities for every cause, how do you pick the right one? For starters, look for groups with strong leadership who operate by a mission that matches your passions or beliefs, and of course, make sure your charity of choice is fiscally responsible, ethical and effective.

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Uptown News Briefs: Dec. 1 – 14, 2017

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The local hepatitis A health emergency has been extended for another two weeks amid continuing signs the outbreak is slowing down.

On Monday, Nov. 27, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to extend the health emergency, which was declared on Sept. 1. Every 14 days, the board is required to review the need for continuing the emergency.

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Guest Editorial: GOP tax bills short-change middle class

Posted: November 17th, 2017 | Guest Editorial, Opinion, Opinion & News | No Comments

By Rep. Susan A. Davis When considering any attempt to reform our tax code, the first question I ask myself is, “Will it help the middle class?” After carefully looking over the Republican tax bills proposed in the House and Senate, the only answer I can come to is, “No, these bills won’t help the middle class.” In fact, they will do just the opposite.

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Calendar: Nov. 3 – 16, 2017

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FRIDAY Nov. 3 ‘Alice in Wonderland Jr.’ Nov. 3-5 and Nov. 10-12 by Center Stage Children’s Theater, Mission Hills United Church of Christ, 4070 Jackdaw St. 866-967-8167 or ‘Orange is the New Black’ “Orange is the New Black” exhibit, Art on 30th gallery, 4434 30th St., North Park. Through Nov. 18. Visit or call 619-894-9009.

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Guest Editorial: Danger of climate change is not going away

Posted: November 3rd, 2017 | Guest Editorial, Opinion & News | 2 Comments

By Mary M. McKenzie I have just returned home to San Diego from the 36th training session of the Climate Reality Project’s Leadership Corps in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am now part of a group of about 13,000 trained leaders across the globe with the commitment to speaking the truth about the realities of climate change, also known as global warming.

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Uptown News Briefs: Nov. 3 – 16, 2017

Posted: November 3rd, 2017 | News, Opinion & News, Uptown Briefs | No Comments


It’s a myth that a flu shot makes you sick, so don’t use that as an excuse to not get vaccinated against influenza.

“The viruses in the flu vaccine are dead or ‘inactivated’ and cannot be infectious or cause illness,” Dr. Wilma Wooten, the county public health officer, said in a news release. “The most common side effects from the flu shot are soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given.”

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Guest Editorial: Time to turn moments of silence into action regarding gun violence

Posted: October 20th, 2017 | Guest Editorial, Opinion & News | No Comments

By Rep. Susan A. Davis

Over a year ago I used this space in San Diego Uptown News to talk about the killing of 49 innocents at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. As we grieved for the victims, we also pushed for a debate in Congress and action to prevent gun violence.

As is typical with such a tragedy, there was a moment of silence on the House floor for the victims of Orlando. There is a growing sense that the only thing Congress can do on gun violence is “moments of silence.”

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Calendar: Oct. 20–Nov. 2, 2017

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FRIDAY Oct. 20

GI Film Festival San Diego

The annual GI Film Festival San Diego, through Oct. 22, at various venues countywide. Visit for details.

San Diego Arab Film Festival

The annual San Diego Arab Film Festival, through Oct. 21 at Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. Visit for details.

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