Things you didn’t know about your vintage house

Posted: January 26th, 2018 | Featured, HouseCalls | No Comments

Rats. Clowns. Lawyers. It could get scary. By Michael Good Old houses are full of secrets. Sometimes they are secrets we really would rather not know. Your contractor calls down from the attic: Hey, did you know you had a fire up here? The electrician discovers the remains of a rat in the walls. No, wait — two rats! And everywhere you look, you see evidence of former owners with a shortage of taste and an […]

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The Kensington story

Posted: September 22nd, 2017 | Columns, Communities, Feature, HouseCalls, Kensington, Top Story | No Comments

By Michael Good | House Calls

For such a quiet, respectable community, Kensington has had its fair share of mystery and intrigue over the years.

Neighborhood lore has it that someone on Marlborough Drive forgot to mow his lawn back in 1952, and apparently more than one of those speakeasy doors you can still find in the middle of Kensington’s classic, solid Spanish entry portals actually was used to receive a liquor delivery, back in the Prohibition days. Whew! And then there was a trashcan mix-up a couple years back. A Mr. Jones rolled home a Mr. Smith’s much-better-maintained trashcan — supposedly by mistake. It was a real mess. A stink was raised. You get the idea.

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The art and craft of remodeling

Posted: August 25th, 2017 | Columns, Feature, HouseCalls, Top Story | 1 Comment

By Michael Good | House Calls

When the Craftsman revival began in the late 1980s, there were basically two ways to get ideas about how to restore a house: You could read a book or go on a home tour.

Some of those books — many with variations of the word “bungalow” on their cover — are still available, although the bookstores where you could once peruse their pages are gone.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Making good decisions may be a science, but living with them is an art By Michael Good | House Calls My grandmother was born in 1902. Or 1903, as she liked to pretend — because, well, who doesn’t want to feel a little younger? When she reached her 80s, my grandmother began to rethink this strategy, however, deciding that age had its advantages. After all, everyone said she looked 10 years younger. Or 11.

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A magical match

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By Michael Good | HouseCalls

Tyler and Tracey Bunting were on their way to the Grape Street dog park when they saw the “for sale” sign in front of the house. “I’ve lived in the neighborhood since ’99,” Tracey said, “and I’ve walked by that house a million times. And it’s always stood out to me.”

Now it was for sale. “I said, ‘We should call on that.’”

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