Bankers Hill

AIDS memorial site is selected

Posted: September 8th, 2017 | Bankers Hill, Communities, Featured, News | No Comments

By Ken Williams | Editor

“There’s no place in San Diego to mourn our loved ones,” said an emotional Rory Curz, who described himself as a 25-year survivor of AIDS.

Curz said it was “incredibly important” to build a local AIDS memorial because history can easily be forgotten.

“I’ve seen more people die,” by the time Curz was 30, “as my parents did by age 50,” he added.

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‘Where’s Bankers Hill?’

Posted: August 25th, 2017 | Bankers Hill, Communities, Featured | No Comments

By Leo Wilson

When you told someone you were from Bankers Hill a decade ago, they would often respond: “Where is Bankers Hill?” The reply would be something like “between Downtown and Hillcrest.” 

Now, if you mention Bankers Hill, people will respond how nice it is, and how lucky you are to live there. Bankers Hill has become one of San Diego’s pre-eminent neighborhoods.

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Still a hidden gem

Posted: August 25th, 2017 | Bankers Hill, Communities, Featured | No Comments

By Colette Mauzeralle

The historic community of Bankers Hill remains a hidden gem among San Diego’s quickly growing neighborhoods. While the area initially earned its name by being home to the city’s early affluent residents, in recent years it has become a trove of new restaurants, boutiques, wellness centers and more.

Among the new commercial growth, visitors will also find architecturally notable houses from the late 19th century, sweeping views of San Diego Bay and two of San Diego’s historic pedestrian bridges: the swinging Spruce Street Suspension Bridge and the Quince Street Bridge, crossing high over the Maple Canyon Open Space Trail.

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Olive Street Park plan draws scrutiny

Posted: May 5th, 2017 | Bankers Hill, Communities, Feature, News, Top Story | 2 Comments

By Ken Williams | Editor

More than a century behind schedule, the Olive Street Park long sought on a small lot overlooking Maple Canyon in Bankers Hill has finally made it to the drawing board — but not without attracting controversy then and now.

The lot, measuring 80 feet by 120 feet, was donated to the city in 1909 by the Ford, McKee and Woods families with the deed stipulating: “forever for use as a public park.” Except the proposed pocket park has yet to be built, much to the dismay of descendants of the three families as well as Bankers Hill residents.

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Regal meals for everyday people  

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Let’s start with the negatives of my dining experience at Royal Stone, a newcomer to the Bankers Hill dining scene: I devoured too much table bread, thanks in part to the addicting lemon butter served alongside, and I sneezed a few times from summer allergies.

That’s it.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood gem that sends out dishes fueled by an obsession for detail and freshness, this unpretentious bistro with its stay-a-while ambiance fits the bill.

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Bankers Hill is rich in talent

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt The Bankers Hill neighborhood has been known for many things over the years, from its first, affluent residents in the 1890s to its lush landscapes and canyon trails to one of the nation’s first AIDS hospices, in the historical Truax House. Today, it enjoys the serendipity of being home to the top two winners of the San Diego Watercolor Society’s March Member’s exhibit, a competitive juried show.

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Community health centers join efforts

Posted: March 11th, 2016 | Bankers Hill, Feature, Featured | No Comments

A primary clinic in Bankers Hill will be part of new effort to advance care  By María José Durán Judith left the American Indian Health Center on First Avenue dragging her walking boot all the way to the bus stop across the street. The community clinic has ordered her a brace to help the arthritis in her ankle, and to avoid surgery. “It hardly hurts,” said Judith, who didn’t want to reveal her last name.

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Empowering women with HIV 

Posted: January 29th, 2016 | Bankers Hill, Feature, Top Story | 1 Comment

Christie’s Place helps families affected by the disease

By María José Durán

“I was a drug addict and a prostitute and I knowingly slept with a man that I knew had AIDS because I wanted to get high.”

That, Jay Blount said, is why she became diagnosed with AIDS 20 years ago. Today, she helps other women living with HIV while working as a peer navigator at Christie’s Place, a nonprofit organization in Bankers Hill.

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San Diego Canyonlands tackles runoff issue

Posted: January 15th, 2016 | Bankers Hill, Communities, Feature, Top Story | No Comments

by Tershia d’Elgin

Like most places with hills, Bankers Hill has a valley — Maple Canyon. The canyon’s long, sinuous path from the top of Third Avenue down to West Maple Street is both a connection with nature and a workhorse. The canyon is a haven for birds, animals and hikers.

However, during rainstorms the canyon funnels a rage of stormwater to the San Diego Bay. Erosion, habitat destruction and water pollution are the result, costing taxpayers dearly every year.

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