One year under the dome

Posted: October 10th, 2014 | Downtown, Feature, Featured, News | No Comments

New Central Library celebrates first anniversary Jeremy Ogul | Contributing Editor One year after it opened to the public, the metallic dome of the new Central Library already feels like an indispensable part of the Downtown San Diego landscape. What happens underneath that iconic and award-winning dome, however, is the real story.

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Riches in rags

Charlene Baldridge | Theater Review Touted as the King of Ragtime, African-American composer Scott Joplin (circa 1867-1868 to 1917) became truly famous, as he predicted, but only after death. In life he was well known for “Maple Leaf Rag.” He left 40-some published rags, a ballet and two operas, one of which is believed to have fallen victim to Joplin’s chaotic life and times. The other, reconstructed from materials found in numerous locales, was produced.

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Two years later, car2go heads the movement of alternative transportation in San Diego

By Dave Fidlin | SDUN reporter & Hutton Marshall| SDUN editor We have a right to compain about gas prices here in San Diego. Floating around $3.60 per gallon, San Diego drivers pay about 50 cents above the national average. This is a pesky expense considering one’s daily commute, nights out, and the hundred little times we find ourselves hopping in our car for some unforseen errand.

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An uncommon play

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Grief, anger & innocence all explored in Mo’olelo’s latest By Charlene Baldridge | SDUN Theater Critic Extraordinary Latina actor Iliana Carter, a 2004 graduate of UCLA’s theater arts program, plays all seven characters in Jessica Dickey’s “The Amish Project,” produced by Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company through Oct. 20.

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