The Kensington story

Posted: September 22nd, 2017 | Columns, Communities, Feature, HouseCalls, Kensington, Top Story | No Comments

By Michael Good | House Calls

For such a quiet, respectable community, Kensington has had its fair share of mystery and intrigue over the years.

Neighborhood lore has it that someone on Marlborough Drive forgot to mow his lawn back in 1952, and apparently more than one of those speakeasy doors you can still find in the middle of Kensington’s classic, solid Spanish entry portals actually was used to receive a liquor delivery, back in the Prohibition days. Whew! And then there was a trashcan mix-up a couple years back. A Mr. Jones rolled home a Mr. Smith’s much-better-maintained trashcan — supposedly by mistake. It was a real mess. A stink was raised. You get the idea.

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Volleyball great pens first book

Kensington woman sports an impressive resume By Lucia Viti Former beach volleyball superstar Angela Rock has just added authorship to her long list of athletic and professional accomplishments. In her first book, “Angela Rock’s Advanced Beach Volleyball Tactics,” the Kensington resident shares years of hard-earned experience in a guide book that covers beach volleyball from A to Z. Tactics are clearly defined with easy-to-follow references that cover every aspect of game.

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Find your bliss at Art Around Adams

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt Arts events are common these days. Every month, if not every week, denizens of the Uptown area can plan a weekend outing to dine on the cultural arts, whether a new gallery exhibit or theater production opening, or a festival of film, music or visual arts. But not every arts event includes attractions such as an athletic ballet of wrestling villains and heroes or a standup comedy trolley or elegantly crafted crossbows. […]

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Iraqi and American artists find common ground

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By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

Sophie’s Kensington Gallery, a cute little storefront at 4186 Adams Ave., has been exhibiting art with a message since opening in 2014. Whether encouraging autism awareness, honoring mother-daughter relationships or celebrating “Kitchen Kitsch,” the gallery’s aesthetic has a foundational theme: Its artists, adults with developmental disabilities, have a lot in common with everyone else. Art provides a venue for revealing those commonalities, and the proof is in the painting.

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Room at the inn

Posted: January 29th, 2016 | Feature, Featured, Kensington | 1 Comment

Kensington Guest House provides alternative to having houseguests By Margie M. Palmer Those who live in, work in or frequent the Kensington neighborhood agree that the mid-city community is somewhat of a hidden gem, but the smaller-style construction design of many of the area’s homes sometimes makes it difficult for locals to accommodate houseguests.

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Kensington Brewing Company is not where you think

By Cody Thompson | Suds in the City In this exciting and ever-growing craft beer scene in San Diego, not a day goes by without plans being written about the next up-and-coming brewery. Star brewers of tomorrow are plotting their plans of attack on the San Diego beer scene today. That being said, what would appear to be the newest kid on the beer block officially opened its doors Jan. 23, although looking into their past […]

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Kensington’s invincible kitchen

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Business owners had warned Ponce Meza in the late 1960s not to open a restaurant in the heart of Kensington, believing that it would fail in a neighborhood that didn’t support much culinary activity at the time. But Meza proceeded anyway, taking with him the experience he gained from working as cook at Nati’s Mexican Restaurant in Ocean Beach.

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Stehly Farms Market adds to Kensington’s charm

Posted: November 20th, 2015 | Feature, Featured, Food & Drink, Kensington | No Comments

By Gail Dana Debuting at the end of October, Stehly Farms Market on Adams Avenue makes the small-town feel seem complete in the area surrounding the iconic Kensington sign. The upscale organic grocery and deli-restaurant adds to the area’s leisurely dog-walking, latte-sipping pace. Toddlers tumble in the park playground by the library, independent movies play at the Ken Cinema, and restaurants, wine bistros and an ice cream parlor provide more charm and amenities.

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