The final days of Kensington Video

By Karla Amador

When you walk into Kensington Video, you will notice an authenticity that is unique in its broad range of film genres stacking on shelves, from comedies to black-and-whites and even some rarely seen silent films. You will see walls covered with bricolage of some of the best films made in history, such as iconic bobble heads, mobiles, standees and movie posters, such as “Giant,” the 1956 classic with James Dean. It feels like you’re walking into a film connoisseur’s haven and it’s an excellent place for browsing if you’re not sure quite what you’re looking for. When in doubt, there’s no need to hesitate as you can always count on Guy Hanford, the co-owner ready to assist at any given moment.

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A guide to Uptown’s dog-friendly restaurants

Hoa  Quách | Uptown News We can take them to the parks, shopping centers and even dog-only spas. But it can sometimes be a challenge to find high-quality restaurants that are also dog friendly. Uptown News scoured the neighborhoods and picked three restaurants where your fur baby (or babies) will be happily welcomed. Even better, we guarantee you won’t be compromising your taste buds to cater to your pup. 

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O.U. Miracle

Posted: May 23rd, 2014 | Featured, Kensington | 4 Comments

Dale Larabee | Larabee’s Lowdown In 1975, Deralyn and John Kaheny wanted to live in Kensington. They eyed the perfect house on Roxbury Drive, but real estate prices were spiking, and they worried their bid on their dream house was too low. They went to Roxbury to hear if theirs was the highest bid. It was! As Deralyn left their new home on the way to her car, she looked down at the sidewalk and […]

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