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Restoring this old house, inside and out

Posted: June 17th, 2016 | Columns, Featured, Homes & Garden, South Park | No Comments

Time to turn back the clock to when early-20th-century homes were one with nature? By Michael Good | HouseCalls History seems to have overlooked the landscape architect. On the city of San Diego’s website you’ll find information about some 60 master architects, roughly 30 master builders, but only two master landscape architects. Yet garden design was an important part of early-20th-century residential architecture. The Craftsman house was specifically conceived as a blend of indoors and out. […]

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Argentine picnic

By Frank Sabatini Jr.

An “asado” is the Argentinean term for weekend barbecue, when meats are sprinkled with sea salt and then cooked on open fires amid festive gatherings of friends and family. At Grand Ole BBQ y Asado, the event takes place from noon to 6 p.m. every Sunday.

On Wednesdays through Saturdays, the menu is pure Texas-style barbecue supported by a jumbo smoker that owner Andy Harris calls LBJ. It’s a big, bold contraption he purchased in Texas Hill County, not far from where President Lyndon B. Johnson grew up.

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Transformative: using art to heal and change

By Lucia Viti “Artist is a verb. We don’t become an artist and then do art. We do art and then begin to feel like an artist.” — Tish McAllise Sjoberg Tish McAllise Sjoberg invites you to creatively and fearlessly paint, dance, act, play music and write poetry to laud five years of artistic — and healing — breakthroughs on Saturday, Nov. 21, at Expressive Arts Studio @ 32nd & Thorn.

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TargetExpress to open in South Park in the fall

Posted: July 3rd, 2015 | Communities, Feature, News, South Park, Top Story | 3 Comments

By Ken Williams | Editor

TargetExpress will open Oct. 7 in South Park, according to Target, in a remodeled mid-century building that was constructed by Safeway in the early 1960s.

Officials with Target, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, updated the community at a special meeting of the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee on June 22 at Casa del Prado in Balboa Park. The crowd, which filled a meeting room, was divided into supporters of the project and detractors who were concerned about increased traffic or railed against “corporate America” coming to their hipster neighborhood.

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