Holiday cheer brings spike in injuries

Posted: December 15th, 2017 | Featured, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle | No Comments

By Vishal Bansal, M.D.

While the holidays are filled with celebration and joy, they also are associated with accidents and injury resulting in unexpected visits to the local emergency department or trauma center.

Think about it, not only are people climbing ladders and standing on roofs to hang lights and ornaments, and celebrating at parties and social events, they also are drinking larger amounts of alcohol.

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Modern with a capital M

Posted: October 6th, 2017 | Feature, Homes & Garden, Top Story | No Comments

By Michael Good

If it seems to you that Modern architecture is having a moment, you’re not imagining things. In certain parts of town — particularly in those places covered by San Diego Uptown News — just about every new or dubiously improved building, from a Downtown skyscraper to a Talmadge ranch house, is Modern with a capital M. Or at least aspires to be.

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