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Mission Hills Town Council update – May 8, 2015

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By David Espinoza The Mission Hills Town Council (MHTC) has been working to improve the experience of being a member of the community. On Feb. 25, the MHTC and Mission Hills Business Improvement District (BID) jointly hosted a forum on the topic of crime and homelessness. More than 100 residents and businesspersons from Mission Hills and Bankers Hill met at the United Methodist Church along with San Diego City Councilmember Todd Gloria, who represents the district, […]

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First and tallest at North Park’s ‘Busy Corner’

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By Katherine Hon

For more than 100 years, the intersection of University Avenue and 30th Street has been North Park’s “Busy Corner.” While buses dominate the public transport scene today, the No. 2 and No. 7 lines were originally streetcars. The San Diego Electric Railway Company cut through the ridge at Georgia Street and laid track along University Avenue out to Fairmount Avenue in 1907. This became the No. 7 line. In 1909, the No. 2 line along 30th Street reached Upas Street by spanning Switzer Canyon on a steel truss bridge; by 1911, the No. 2 and No. 7 lines connected at University Avenue. At last the prediction made in the San Diego Union on Aug. 11, 1907, came true: “The beautifully located territory at the intersection of that [University] Avenue and 30th Street is sure to be the most valuable of that section … With two lines of transportation, [the area] is to become a highly favored section.”

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Mission Hills Town Council update – February 27, 2015

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By David Espinoza At the annual trustees retreat on Jan. 24, the Mission Hills Town Council (MHTC) reinstated the research of a full and permanent closure of University Avenue (between Ibis and Front streets) as a top agenda item for 2015. This discussion evolved from a single-lane closure design that was initiated by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) on this same stretch of the University Avenue artery connecting Mission Hills to Hillcrest. Modification […]

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