Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor – Aug. 26

Posted: August 26th, 2016 | Featured, Letters to the Editor, Opinion | 1 Comment

 Bicyclists: Obey the law Re: Letters to the editor, Vol. 8, Issue 17 or at Regarding the “Irresponsible bicyclists” letter you received: I want to be pro-bike, because they’re obviously good for the environment and good for maintaining health. However, after much observation, I have to agree with letter writer Michael Garrison: I doubt I’ve ever seen even one bicyclist stop at a light or stop sign.

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Letters to the editor – Aug. 12

Posted: August 12th, 2016 | Featured, Letters to the Editor, Opinion | 2 Comments

Praise for KTU+A Re: “Hillcrest firm leaves its mark on America’s Finest City,” Volume 8, Issue 15 or Thank you so much for recognizing the contributions of KTU+A Planning and Landscape Architecture. On behalf of San Diego Canyonlands, a nonprofit working to restore and enhance our city’s wonderful urban canyons, I’d like to add yet another project to the long list of incredible philanthropic contributions KTU+A has made to better our communities over the […]

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Letters to the editor – July 1

Readers debate if a conflict of interest exists RE: “A conflict of interest? Uptown Planners face a controversy,” Volume 8, Issue 13 or at  [Uptown Planners board member Mia] Rosas clearly has a conflict of interest: Her employer is employed by real estate developers who wish to change zoning for their Hillcrest projects. Pretty simple. —Bruce Bielaski via our website,

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