Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor – June 16, 2017

Likes Hillcrest 111 (Re: “The next big thing in Hillcrest?” Vol. 9, Issue 3 or online at I live on Seventh Street and I support this Hillcrest 111 project. Yes, it’s not pretty, but that corner is a hangout spot for homeless people and this is far better than that. The shops in Hillcrest keep closing down and we have tons of empty storefronts.

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Letters to the editor – May 5, 2017

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Hillcrest residents deserve some respect Lately, we Hillcrest residents have been getting a pretty raw deal from the city, and in general. Our rents climb ever higher as our neighborhood deteriorates into a filthy playground for ill-behaved street people. A simple walk to the store (which many will no longer do after dark) often involves dodging human feces and walking over the bodies of passed out homeless as we navigate through their fields of garbage. Often, we […]

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Letters to the editor – April 21, 2017

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For Hillcrest density  (Re: “Uptown Planners feel disrespected,” Vol. 9, Issue 7 or online at I’ve lived in Hillcrest for almost two decades and I’ve seen our neighborhood lag behind in development as other neighborhoods in the city, such as Little Italy, East Village and North Park, have become more vibrant and livable, and more inviting. Hillcrest is a great neighborhood in a city of 3 million people. It is not a village. Perhaps the […]

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Letters to the editor — March 10, 2017

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Uptown’s future (Re: “What will Uptown look like in the future?” Volume 9, Issue 2 or at Barry Hager said, “younger people from various backgrounds can still afford a smaller home with a yard” in Mission Hills. San Diego is already the fourth most unaffordable city in the nation for millennials, based on a median home price of $500,000, and the median single family home price in Mission Hills is $1.1 million. Perhaps Mr. […]

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Letters to the editor – Aug. 26

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 Bicyclists: Obey the law Re: Letters to the editor, Vol. 8, Issue 17 or at Regarding the “Irresponsible bicyclists” letter you received: I want to be pro-bike, because they’re obviously good for the environment and good for maintaining health. However, after much observation, I have to agree with letter writer Michael Garrison: I doubt I’ve ever seen even one bicyclist stop at a light or stop sign.

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