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  1. Linda Aurora Espino says:

    April 4, 2019

    To the Editor:

    Re: Unsafe handicapped/pedestrian ramp crossing intersection Laurel & Union Street, Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA 92101

    I believe the pedestrian ramp facing south is a danger for people and cars. Something needs to be done for public safety. It looks like an accident or fatality waiting to happen.

    I believe the pedestrian ramp facing south is encouraging pedestrians to cross at a dangerous intersection. There should really be a sign telling pedestrians & handicapped not to cross Laurel Street there; as the cars are on such a steep incline and usually traveling uphill at a high speed that they cannot safely stop to yield to pedestrians or someone going slowly across in a wheelchair, seniors, anyone without the ability to run quickly across the street to not be run over, as cars, vehicles race up the street with no visibility to see someone crossing or expecting someone to be crossing the street where there is no stop sign heading up the steep hill traveling east to west towards Balboa Park.

    I am greatly concerned, horrified, dismayed, shocked that the handicap ramp is now installed before the cars need to stop at the stop sign. The stop sign is already installed on the wrong side of the road, which is on the west side of the intersection, (instead of the east side as normal stop signs are placed). This is because of one of the steepest hills in San Diego is located there. (Most cars do not even stop.) The pedestrian ramp is now placed approximately 8 feet in front of (east of) the stop sign. On the south side there is no stop requirement. Cars coming up the steep incline cannot see the top of the hill, most driver race up the hill. No one is expecting anyone to be crossing the road there.

    Over the many years of living here watching the traffic increase, seeing the lack of visibility up and down the hill located between Balboa Park and the airport on Laurel Street, seeing cars race up & down the hell; I cannot believe the City allowed the ramp to be installed by the developers NDD, Nakhshab Development & Design with a permit and developmental services blessing. The pedestrian ramps where on the north side of Laurel Street previously before that area was made a private driveway for the convenience of the developers NDD, Nakhshab Development & Design. Who is charge of public safety? I contacted the Public Safety committee and was told that this is not their domain.

    The address for the apartment building that the stop sign & ramp are in front of is: 610 West Laurel Street, SD, CA 92101.

    This is on the steepest part of Laurel Street where the stop sign is on the west side of the street, instead of the east side. There is no stop sign or stop signal on the south side of Laurel Street as the street is too steep to require the cars to stop and no one in a vehicle can see the intersection going up the hill.

    When someone crosses Laurel St at Union Street he/she/they will be crossing a dangerous intersection with no ability to see what is coming up the hill (usually at great speed) at them. Vision up Laurel Street is only one block as Laurel turns (there is a bend in the road) at Horton Avenue, 1 block up.

    There is construction of additional. to the homes & apartment buildings already there, 4 townhouses, 12 apartments, now being built 26 mores units all will be exiting & entering the 1/2 dead end block of Union Street in front of the stop sign, with the handicapped ramp in front of it to turn on Laurel street. So best guess is over 100 vehicles at least once per day including the apartments already built on northwest side of Union Street will be attempting to exit, enter at this intersection in heavy traffic most of the day adding to the danger of this intersection.

    It looks to me an accidents and death setup. Please look into this. How did this pass City approval? Why was this approved?

    A very concerned citizen,

    Linda Aurora Espino
    2506 Horton Avenue,
    SD, CA 92101
    619 702 3001

  2. Colin McBee says:

    Democrats ignore the issue of electability at their peril. If they want to beat Donald Trump in the General Election, they must think pragmatically, not ideologically. This election will be determined by Independents & Moderates, both Republican and Democrat. The Progressive/Socialist wing led by Warren & Sanders cannot garner these voters. Bernie has baggage that Trump will expose. His history includes supporting Ortega, Castro, Socialist Workers Party & the Soviet system. This will turn swing voters off. Warren waves her hand & says she can fix anything. While Bloomberg wants to buy the election with his billions, Warren & Sanders want to buy the election with taxpayer trillions. Mayor Pete, while his military service is admirable, has never accomplished anything on the National Stage, zilch, nada. Small town mayor to the leader of the free world is a big stretch. Biden already has two failed presidential runs. The only other candidate to distinguish herself is Amy Klobuchar. She has, from the beginning, advocated for a bigger tent for the Democratic Party. She’s considered a Moderate, giving her access to the voters needed to win. She can shut Trump out except for those in his base. Klobuchar is a grass-roots candidate who has earned her place with hard work. Plus, there’s an attractive sound to the first woman POTUS.

  3. Jessika Ritchard says:

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  4. Karly Brooks says:

    The Fight to Help International, Vulnerable Countries

    The Borgen Project; a non-profit, innovative, national campaign that seeks to help solve global poverty. The issue of extreme global poverty is not something we should take lightly, however, many Americans disregard this urgent problem. Yes, we do face poverty in the United States, but we are in no competition with this international tragedy.

    With the impacts of COVID-19, foreign nations are struggling. When at one point they were taking steps forward in regards to health care, there has now been a significant push back. Ending COVID-19 is at the top of the agenda, but with the lack of resources, many others are suffering from additional diseases and medical issues that they have been unable to address or have just been ignored.

    The International Affairs Budget is legislation that The Borgen Project supporters are urging Congressional members to protect. The United States has a powerful role and with the ability to fund and aid foreign nations, we could address the 1.2 million who are at risk of starvation, provide health care assistance, promote educational programs, and build national security.

    Please help The Borgen Project take action because we believe in the well being of others, especially those who are vulnerable and unable to help themselves.

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