‘Double down’

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by Bret Smith CPT, B. A., B.S. | Move Strong Studio

I have the opportunity of working with a wide range of clientele and one group I train are those suffering from complications due to physical trauma such as stroke, aneurysm, and knees/hip replacement.

Bret Smith | Move Strong Studio

Bret Smith | Move Strong Studio

These clients are attempting to overcome and meet the challenges of accomplishing tasks that most of us would consider very basic. On the other hand, they possess such a strong will and desire to overcome their limitations that I want to find a way to “bottle” their spirit! One way to truly appreciate your body and what it does for you is to go without for a while. Ever tried to walk around on one leg with a cane for a day? Try everything left handed if you are a righty and vice-a- versa? Who hasn’t just dreamt of the day when they finally get over that nasty cold or flu? When your body lets you down, even the basics can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

One newer client I recently began working with came to me as a referral. She had suffered a brain aneurysm that left most of her right side paralyzed. Her physical therapy allotment had expired and she was looking to take the next steps to see that her want to be fully functioning again became a reality. Prior to the injury she was extremely active and worked out regularly with a strong commitment to her fitness. During a recent session we were talking about the level of sensation and activation she has on her affected side. Her doctors and physical therapists had told her shoulder and arm would be the last of the side to get sensation back if at all. Her leg and hip were doing quite well with her only needing a small amount of assistance from a cane when she walked and balanced. During our discussion I could see the emotions in her eyes as she spoke of where she was prior to the injury and where she is today. She is so strong in her conviction to see that she regains full functionality that through tears in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks she answered my question of “What are you going to do to see that happen?” Without skipping a beat she looked at me and said…”I’m going to double down!” She meant that she was going to double her training efforts to see to it that her dream of healing her injury and getting the most out her body was going to be a reality.

Not only was I inspired by her response, but it got me thinking…”What if I ‘double down’ on my efforts to change my level of fitness and keep my nutrition plan on track?” “What if I shared this with other clients and challenge them to ‘double down’ on their efforts?” I could get one-time per week clients to do a take home challenge before our next session! I could do the same with two-to-three-time per week clients! Too often I hear all the excuses put forth as to why fitness goals and nutrition strategies are falling short. The point here is that nothing you want to see changed will be unless you are willing to put forth considerable effort for it be fully realized. Technology, apps, and fitness trackers are great, but they don’t sweat for you, they don’t lift the weights for you, and they don’t run the hills for you. This client was left with significant limitations due to an unfortunate health issue but is not letting that stop her. She is changing the way she commits by doubling her efforts that will keep her program on a progressive track rather than simply staying the course or even regressing.

I challenge all of you reading this today to seek out an area in your life where you “double down” your efforts to propel you toward seeing those dreams and goals become reality. Real change comes from going bigger, going smaller or doing both! Fear only to stand still!

Move stronger… Live longer!

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