Earthing: 8 reasons to go barefoot this summer

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By Nina Fisher, LMT, CPMT* | Licensed Massage Therapist at Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center

For most of us living in the city, it is rare for our bare feet to touch the ground.  We stroll on concrete sidewalks and parking lots to get from place to place, and, more often than not, we walk places that are indoors with man-made flooring.  There is a pretty strong theory circulating that many health problems occur from this evolutionary change in our behavior. 

Nina Fisher | Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center

Nina Fisher | Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center

“Earthing” is a new term to me but the concept is reflected in the advice that I give to my massage clients with chronic pain.  Taking time each day to connect with the earth is not just for hippies.  With a rapidly ever-changing world it is imperative to stabilize, remain balanced, and allow your body time to release tension.

I am not an electrician, but I do know the earth and its inhabitants contain electromagnetic energy.  This is why modern medicine has embraced tests like MRI’s and EKG’s to determine our bodies health.  Our electrical appliances need to be grounded to prevent short-circuiting, and after spending most of our time in insulated houses and walking on rubber souls, we tend to short-circuit as well.

Physiological health benefits of grounding yourself:

1. Stability. Strengthen the micro-muscles in your feet and ankles for greater balance.

2. Mindfulness. When walking barefoot you have to pay attention to what it is your walking on.

3. Improved circulation to the feet and ankles

4. Reduce free radicals in the body which attribute to inflammation, which is greatest cause of disease in the 21st century.

5.  Free Reflexology! Stimulate points on the feet with the natural curvatures of the earths surface. This provides numerous health benefits ranging from sinus relief to improved digestion.

6.  Reduce neck and shoulder tension by letting your toes and feet breath and move freely.

7.  Healthier hip joints and healthier knees.  Our impact is reduced with each step as we walk                  barefoot.  The differences of running on grass barefoot and running on concrete in shoes can be noticed    immediately!

8.  Everyone needs a good reason to go to the beach!

Hop off the beaten path every now and again.  The time spent outdoors can be shared with your favorite people or enjoyed  in solitude.  It’s a walking meditation, building mindfulness of each step you take.  Barefoot was, and always will be, my favorite pair of shoes.

When was the last time your feet touched the ground?

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