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By Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is devoted to offering clients unmatched legal services. Their firm has obtained favorable outcomes in a wide range of driving under the influence cases involving drugs and alcohol. No matter how good the evidence is, Los Angeles DUI Attorney carefully examines each case to identify substantive and procedural loop holes and effectively presents the weaknesses to obtain the best outcome for the client. In each case, creativity and plea bargaining acumen is employed to get the desirable outcome.

At their 355 S. Grand Ave, 24th Floor #2428, Los Angeles, CA 90071 office Los Angeles DUI Attorney provides hands-on representation and informs clients all the time of any new developments as well as prepares them for any upcoming court based obligations. Each and every case is different and presents its own procedural and substantive challenges. Their law team approaches every case with the creativity and thoroughness it deserves to strengthen its position, and to produce optimal results. The defense should always be ahead of the prosecution and for this reason, their firm plans strategically in mounting a defense right from the inception and steers it with concrete developments to the end.

No matter the case the we have found through our research that Los Angeles DUI Attorney doesn’t blindly look at the facts presented by the prosecution. An independent examination of scientific evidence is conducted as well as an assessment of all defenses relevant to that particular case.

Some of the firm’s most noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Dismissal of a DUI drug charge against an immigrant. The attorney was able to prove that though the accused had consumed marijuana it did not impair his ability to drive.
  • Avoidance of prison time for a young college student who had critically injured two pedestrians for driving under the influence and causing them major bodily injuries.  Though all evidence was pointing towards the accused Los Angeles DUI Attorney pushed for a reduced punishment because the accused had no criminal record, was emotionally disturbed and the two victims were recovering.  This caused the prosecution to waive the charges and the accused was only awarded a probationary sentence with no prison time.
  • This firm has also pushed for the avoidance of adverse immigration consequences for several recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  In these cases, the attorney avoided a driving under the influence charge to avoid deportation and other severe immigration consequences. After determining the factors to counter, the attorney staged a strong defense causing a reduction of the charges.
  • Reduction of DUI charges to reckless driving or exhibition of speed charges. The firm has achieved this in many occasions through their expertise in handling DUI matters.

Their lead attorney graduated with a Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is an active member of the Inns of Court and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. For a free consultation or to book an appointment they can be reached at 424-285-5400. Their website is

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