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By Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm

DUI is a serious charge and the attorneys at the Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm know this and take it very seriously. They know that a DUI charge can alter your life forever, leaving you with a suspended or revoked license which can make it all but impossible to get to work or visit a loved one.

The Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm sees each client as the individual they are, with lives and families that can be permanently disrupted because of one mistake. Because of this, each client is given the personal cell phone number of their attorney so that you can call, text or email them at any time if you have concerns about your case or thought of a question you forgot to ask.

When you meet with your attorney, you are meeting the person who will be dealing with your case from start to finish. This law firm is not a DUI mill, and they do not hire outside attorneys to deal with your case in court for them. Your attorney takes a personal interest in your case because each case is an individual as the client involved.

Knowledge, Passion, and Experience

The Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm has over two decades of experience in DUI charges and has won hundreds of cases. Their attorneys know how to get results. They know California Law inside and out and will review all the evidence in your case thoroughly. Their passion for the law makes them the perfect defense attorney to make your case against the prosecution and to the jury.

The attorneys will also guide you through each step of the DUI process because they know that your freedom is at stake and your life can be forever changed. Throughout your case, your attorney will treat you with compassion and understanding. Their experience has taught them that this a stressful situation, and that knowing exactly what is happening and why can be comforting.

A DUI is a charge that can wreak havoc on your life. It can make it impossible for you to get to work, or even find work if your license is suspended or revoked. It can put a strain on your family, especially if you have to serve jail time or do community service. It can also put a strain on your wallet since you’ll have to pay fines for the DUI and fees to get your license reinstated. Don’t let one mistake affect the rest of your life.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, call the  Los Angeles DUI Attorney today at 424-285-5400. You can also talk to them in person by visiting their office at 355 S. Grand Ave Floor 24 Suite 2428 Los Angeles, CA 90071.

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