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By Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Alcohol slows reaction time and depresses the nervous system. This has a devastating effect on the brain’s ability to resolve issues and inhibits motor coordination. These factors are key elements in why a person should not be behind the wheel of any vehicle once they have started to drink. Receiving a DUI charge is no laughing matter and is treated very seriously by the courts in Los Angeles County. At Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, each attorney has built a reputation on being “no-nonsense” when it comes to defending their DUI cases. Their goal is to protect their client’s rights and ensure that they receive a fair shake when it comes to the charges that have been levied against them.

Each case must be built on solid evidence. This is part of the reason that the attorneys at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer have gotten over 100 cases thrown out in one year’s time. They know the evidence that is needed to support a DUI charge and are adept at being able to refute its validity when it is weak or unreliable. Proving the innocence of their client is the ultimate goal. The attorneys have numerous resources at their disposal that allow them to pursue each case as aggressively as possible. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to building the strongest, most effective case with the facts they have.

The fact is, DUI death are still on the rise which means law enforcement agencies are beginning to crack down even harder than before. In 2008, the number alcohol-related injuries was 4,832. In 2013, the number of actual fatalities attributed to alcohol was 1,699. Because of the ever-rising numbers, the state of California has put in place strict fines and penalties that increase with each repeat DUI charge. The goal is to prevent drunk drivers or those who are under the influence from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The attorneys at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer understand the frustration and confusion that accompanies a DUI or other alcohol-related arrest. Their knowledge and expertise allows them to treat each case with compassion. They never forget that their client is a person with a family and a career that relies on them for support. The attorneys will build the strongest case possible with the evidence that is available. Strategy is the name of the game in many cases and the attorneys understand that it takes skill to build a defense that is sound and reliable on every point.

The attorneys at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer can provide you with the information you need if you have questions concerning your legal options. Contact the law firm through their website at or call their office at 424-281-3020. If you would prefer to speak to them in person, you can visit their office at 3460 Wilshire Boulevard #410F in Los Angeles. Contact Los Angeles DUI Lawyer today to receive the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.

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