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By Orange County Criminal Attorney

If you are looking for experienced, effective criminal defense services in Orange County, California, it can be bewildering to confront the plethora of options that are out there – all claiming to be the best.

But be assured that it really is worth the effort to get a little “picky” when picking your defense lawyer. All law firms are not created equal, and the single most influential factor in the outcome of your case is likely going to be which attorney you had fighting in your corner.

A Local Legend Gets National Exposure

Orange County Criminal Attorney has had a strong local presence in Orange County, CA, for many years and has doggedly won the confidence of local communities and the respect of their courtroom opponents in rather signal ways.

More recently, OC Criminal Attorney made waves nationally by appearing on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, and other prominent news outlets and by getting high praise from such sources as The Wall Street Journal and Super Lawyers.

But why all the attention and acclaim? As always, it’s because of a long-running “back story” of serving unnoticed by outsiders for years but winning the hearts and the cases of their clients, one by one.

Today, Orange County Criminal Attorney is an award-winning DUI and criminal defense law firm that has successfully handled over 18,000 cases, has an impressive Avvo rating of 10.0, and garners a 99.8% customer satisfaction percentage.

What Makes This Law Firm So Different?

Whether you are facing a California DUI, another criminal charge, or are under investigation though not yet charged with a crime, you can turn to Orange County Criminal Attorney for timely, optimal legal defense.

This law firm has a number of important features that distinguish it from the “rest of the crowd.” And while it’s hard to reduce excellence into a numbered list, here are our top 5 reasons to choose Orange County Criminal Attorney:

  1. Deeper and Wider Experience. With decades of combined experience pooled together in one place, you can get top-tier representation across the full gamut of criminal practice areas.
  2. Dedication to Your Best Interests. Unlike some other, less reputable law firms, OC Criminal Attorney is not a “law mill.” You get personalized attention from beginning to end by an attorney skilled in your practice area, who will put your best interests first.
  3. Constant Communication. Some lawyers keep you in the dark on how your case is developing, but not this one. They communicate with you consistently as is appropriate all along the way.
  4. Affordability. OC Criminal Attorney could easily charge a lot more, given their level of expertise. But instead, they keep their rates highly competitive.
  5. A Proven Track Record. They win. That’s the bottom line. They know how to win via argumentation in court or by getting your case dismissed. They also know when and how to negotiate a favorable plea deal.

To learn more about Orange County Criminal Attorney, contact them anytime 24/7 by calling 714-831-1858 OR 714-831-1858 for service in Spanish.

They will give you a free, no-obligation legal consultation on the details of your case.

You can also visit their website,, to get more information on their many practice areas OR their physical office located at:

4000 MacArthur Blvd., 6th Floor #621 East Tower, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

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