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By Orange County Criminal Attorney

The attorneys at Orange County Criminal Attorneys Law Firm are successful because they put the needs of their clients above all else. Each attorney has years of experience both in the courtroom and in the conference room that allows them to help their clients make the right decision at the right time. Each client is treated as if they are our only client. They dedicate all of the resources they have at their disposal to offering the most personalized approach possible.

Dedicated to Serve

At Orange County Criminal Attorneys, each member of the staff is dedicated to helping clients reach the best possible outcome, no matter how difficult the case. They have the means and the resources available to research the facts of each case and build a defense that best fits the circumstances. The cases they take on must be diligently researched to find every bit of usable evidence that can be used to build a solid defense. Each attorney goes to court always ready to put their best foot forward when representing their client.

Not Just During Business Hours

Unlike many law firms, Orange County Criminal Attorneys always has a staff member on hand, 24 hours a day, to answer the phones. This ensures each client gets the representation they need when you need it. An arrest can occur at any time. This is why an attorney is available at all times. This allows defendants to have access to their attorney when they are needed, not just when it’s convenient. The office can be reached at any time either by calling their phone number or visiting the website at

Where You Can Find Orange County Criminal Attorneys

The law firm is conveniently located at 4000 MacArthur Boulevard. The office is on the 6th Floor #621, in the East Tower, Newport Beach, California.

Defendants can call the office to schedule an appointment at 714-831-1858. One of the firm’s staff members will answer the call and happily schedule an appointment. They can easily take the stress out of a difficult situation. Their goal is to make sure that each defendant has all of the information they need to fully protect rights. The firm’s dedicated team of attorneys will work together to create a solid defense that can be used to represent the defendant’s case during your day in court.

When a defendant finds themselves in a situation where they need a criminal defense attorney, they should call Orange County Criminal Attorneys as soon as possible. The attorneys have many years of experience and are capable of formulating a personalized defense strategy that can effectively be used to protect their client’s rights and offer them the best representation possible. Call the office today at 714-831-1858 to get a comprehensive case review!

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