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By Orange County DUI Attorney Law Firm

Where do you turn when arrested for DUI in Orange County, California, or anywhere in the L.A. Area? If it’s your first DUI, especially, you may well be bewildered by the combination of fast pace and complex legal goings-on that confront you.

Your license, your ability to get a good job, and more hangs in the balance, but isn’t it futile to even try to fight a California DUI?

Why Choose Orange County DUI Attorney to Handle Your Case?

Orange County DUI Attorney has spent years busting the myth that you can’t win a DUI defense case. Again and again, they disprove that notion by winning dismissals, acquittals, and reduced charges and/or sentences where other lawyers would have caved or just not taken the case out of fear of failure.

From the moment the arresting officer confiscates your license and hands you the pink slip, you have only 10 days to request a DMV DUI hearing and only 30 days to drive on your temporary license. You can’t waste time with novice law firms or with firms that lack the grit and determination to win your case.

Orange County DUI Attorney has successfully completed over 18,000 DUI cases, has a high Avvo score, has a staff with decades of combined experience, and has a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

OC DUI Attorney has also won national attention on popular news outlets like CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX, The Wall Street Journal, Super Lawyers, and more. This is clearly no ordinary law firm. These kinds of credentials are rare and hard-won, and they bespeak a law firm that keeps its nose to the legal grindstone and fights with skill and tenacity to win the best possible outcome for every client they serve.

How Will a Skilled DUI Defense Lawyer Help Me Win My Case?

Some think there’s no hope in beating a DUI charge. Others think that representing yourself at the DMV is a piece of cake. Neither view is correct.

A good DUI defense lawyer, like those at Orange County DUI Attorney, will greatly swing the odds in your direction at your DMV hearing and/or DUI jury trial.

Intricate knowledge of the very complex array of California DUI laws, alongside detailed familiarity with the inner workings of local Orange County and Southern California court processes, are key to winning your case. Only an experienced DUI defense lawyer possesses that level of expertise.

Remember that even a first-time, un-aggravated DUI conviction can get you a 4 to 12-month license suspension and create a permanent criminal record. The stakes are high, and with repeat offenses, they get even higher.

But Orange County DUI Attorney has shown again and again they know how to challenge the prosecution’s evidence. If your rights were violated, a dismissal can likely be obtained. If the evidence is inconclusive, your lawyer can press the benefit of the doubt. Even BAC test results can be successfully challenged.

And in cases where a dismissal/acquittal isn’t possible, your defense lawyer can negotiate a favorable plea with a lighter sentence and/or charge.

To learn more about the value of professional DUI defense, contact Orange County DUI Attorney 24/7 by calling 949-377-2280.

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