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By San Diego Criminal Attorney

San Diego, like other major California cities, can be a wonderful place to live but also a dangerous place to live. Some 35,000 crimes, over 5,000 of them classified as violent crimes, occur in the city every single year.

The constant threat of victimization, despite the city being the safest it has been in decades, puts people in fear and causes them to push for the strictest possible sentencing. But the unfortunate truth is, many innocent parties who are charged (or people who are overcharged) will also suffer the consequences of these tough sentencing guidelines.

Where, then, do you turn to for help when arrested and accused of a crime in San Diego? What is the most reputable law firm in the city, where you can maximize your chances of a favorable outcome?

The answer to such a question is bound to be seen as inherently “opinionated,” but we have solid reasons for featuring San Diego Criminal Attorney as “the go-to” law firm for San Diego criminal defense.

An Award Winning Law Firm in Our Midst

San Diego Criminal Attorney has won multiple awards for its high client satisfaction and its impressive record of victories (even in the toughest cases) across a wide spectrum of practice areas.

They have been featured on a number of high-profile media outlets, including CNN, FOX, The Wall Street Journal, AVVO, and Super Lawyers. And this was not the means of creating their sterling reputation, but being selected out of a plethora of law firms for such special featuring is evidence of their already having built up that reputation.

Practice areas covered by San Diego Criminal Attorney include (but are not limited to) drug crimes, DUI and other driving crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, assault and battery, fraud and other “white collar” crimes, and theft crimes.

And while all of these facets of our featured law firm are impressive, we may be able to exhibit the distinctiveness of San Diego Criminal Attorney even more potently by mentioned some things they are not.

What San Diego Criminal Attorney IS NOT

First of all, San Diego Criminal Attorney is not a “law mill.” In the legal world, this term is used by insiders to describe a firm that takes on more clients than they can adequately serve and then hires them out to other, less experienced lawyers. By contrast, San Diego Criminal Attorney always assigns you to a top-tier, fully trained attorney with deep experience in the relevant practice areas.

Second, they are not a 9-to-5 operation. Good legal work simply doesn’t work that way. They therefore keep themselves available 24/7/365 to take your call for help (at 619-880-5474) and are always ready to arrange for you a face-to-face meeting in the office located at 750 B Street, 33rd Floor, #3337, San Diego, CA 92101.

Third, this law firm is not new to San Diego’s local court processes or to the legal minutia of the California Penal Code or Vehicle Code. They boast decades of hands-on experience and have long-time familiarity with the communities they serve.

Fourth and finally, San Diego Criminal Attorney is not an English-only, citizen-only operation. They can hold consultations in Spanish if necessary and can handle immigration and naturalization issues.

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