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Posted: May 6th, 2016 | Expert Advice | No Comments

by Bret Smith CPT, B. A., B.S. | Move Strong Studio

If I asked 10 people to tell me what “junk food” is, I bet nine of them would identify something that is not good for them to eat. If I picked 10 people to tell me a simple way to start feeling better, reducing stress and get stronger I bet another nine of them would tell me some sort of exercise or activity would do the trick. Why is this? I am not sure and I have not actually tested this theory, but I have asked plenty of clients the same questions and to a fault they all knew what they needed to do, however the obstacle was finding the right motivation to take action.

Bret Smith CPT, B. A., B.S. | Move Strong Studio

Bret Smith CPT, B. A., B.S. | Move Strong Studio

The equation is simple…More activity minus less bad food in the right amounts and your answer is clear. We want our bodies to look and feel good while wanting our minds to function optimally so we need to move more and eat better. It is not rocket science but it is a challenge due to self-imposed mental and physical limiting beliefs. The one main important idea here is to think one step at a time… progress not perfection. This is where a good coach comes in to move the process forward because it is going to be slightly uncomfortable and we need the coaching to guide, challenge and support our efforts. We hire coaches to help us with business, life and relationships so if you need help just getting started at being your physical and mental best give us a call here at Move Strong Studio! Train hard!

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