Hillcrest yoga studio aims to serve all skill levels around the clock

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By Lucia Viti

CorePower Yoga Hillcrest thrives on its tag line, “Sweat. Savasana. Repeat. Live An Extraordinary Life.”


CorePower Yoga Hillcrest hopes to appeal to all. (Photo by Lucia Viti)

Located in the Uptown District Shopping Center above Starbucks, the Hillcrest studio’s spacious yoga room offers a wide variety — and availability — of yoga classes. Beginners, seasoned veterans and the rare guru can fit the appropriate class into even the busiest of schedules. Nicknamed Studio 19 (opened in 2007) on CorePower Yoga’s nationwide brand expansion, this Hillcrest studio touts its amenities to include a brand-new heating system, new floors, spotless showers and pristine locker rooms with private lockers. CorePower also features a boutique showcasing the latest trends in male and female activewear and yoga accessories. All CorePower studios offer the first week of unlimited yoga free of charge as well as a free app to download class schedules. Classes — offered every hour on the hour from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. — cover the gamut of fitness levels and areas of expertise.

“Our teachers emphasize the importance of meeting you where you are,” said Christina Heliker, managing director of CorePower Yoga Hillcrest. “Every student, regardless of one’s ability, is welcomed. Success can be found at every level as teachers meet their students at their degree of expertise to not only embrace the challenge but to enjoy the process.”

Although it caters to Western crowds, CorePower retains the Eastern roots of yoga. (Photo by Lucia Viti)

Although it caters to Western crowds, CorePower retains the Eastern roots of yoga.
(Photo by Lucia Viti)

Heliker said CorePower teachers bring an athletic and philosophical blend of instruction to each student.

“We have a distinct blend of instructors — the experienced and the novice — who shine within our large variety of classes. Our instructors know how to tailor instructions to the needs of a beginner while spicing it up for the seasoned yogi. And each and every teacher loves teaching at our Hillcrest studio because of its local network of students. The community outside, friendly and enthusiastic, translates into the community inside making Hillcrest special.”

“CorePower Yoga Hillcrest is unique because of its sense of community,” said James Sullivan, a devoted Hillcrest practitioner, as well as the studio’s marketing coordinator. “Students are neighborhood locals who walk or ride their bikes to class. Relationships are manifested, cultivated, and sustained from the consistency of sharing their practice. And because the retention rate at Hillcrest is so high, instructors and students share an intimacy with their growing practice. Specific, individual feedback — as compared to general instruction — allows students to stay consistent and competitive in order to deepen their practice.”

According to Sullivan, the practice of CorePower is based on acceptance. “Instructors don’t expect everyone to be on the same wavelength,” he continued. “There are no obligatory rules or repercussions to perform each posture. There is no intimidation. Students are encouraged to give themselves grace, latitude, and flexibility.”

Christina Heliker of CorePower Yoga (Photo by Vince Meehan)

Christina Heliker of CorePower Yoga
(Photo by Vince Meehan)

“I’m passionate about creating an open, encouraging, and fun environment for my students,” said teacher Alyx Walkinshaw. “I creatively sequence my classes to guide students to explore the depth of their practice. By keeping things ever changing, I allow my students to explore a new intensity. If students leave empowered by their inner wisdom, strength and voice, I’m successful.”

CorePower offers its classes based on the needs of its students. While several classes follow a consistent template, others allow instructors to remain flexible with their design. All instructors choose their own music. CorePower also offers one of the largest and most well attended teacher trainings in the country. Trainings are geared to potential teachers and students wishing to deepen their practice.

“I fell in love with CorePower Yoga Hillcrest the minute I walked into the studio,” concluded Heliker. “My inspiration comes from the amazing people of Hillcrest.”

Two-hour parking is available underground and throughout the shopping center.

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