Why I love Bankers Hill

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By Jake Sutton

I moved to Bankers Hill in the spring of 2002, having originally been from Michigan. Like many transplants, I initially lived at the beach, but soon began wanting a more urban feel for my new home.

So, I moved into a historic Victorian house on Albatross Street with views of Downtown and San Diego Bay, and from that vantage point watched Downtown San Diego and Little Italy grow from quiet areas into the thriving neighborhoods they are today.

In 2007, I further secured my place in Bankers Hill by establishing my Edward Jones Investments branch in the iconic Mister A’s building. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting countless local residents and business owners.

Like any community, our neighborhood has a cast of great characters that continues to change as time passes — because the nature of small business is such that many of the people I have met over the years have moved away or changed direction in their lives and business. Change is constant. New businesses and faces have replaced old friends.

Having gone through its own changes in recent years, Bankers Hill’s strength of character now lies in a mixture of the old and the new. Modern buildings stand alongside historic structures. Long-standing businesses like Mister A’s have been joined by new restaurants, salons, boutiques and professional services.

This constant change alludes to the many opportunities — and challenges — that lie along the road ahead. With the belief that good is the enemy of great, I trust that those within Bankers Hill will come together to ensure our community rises to meet its great potential. This overflowing amount of opportunity, unique to our area as it is a still quiet yet growing neighborhood, is why I love Bankers Hill.

More work is to be done and more change is ahead. Attracting additional businesses to open in our district is imperative to Bankers Hill’s growth, as is the diversity and character of those businesses. People working within our community and those considering bringing their business to our avenues are encouraged to connect with the Bankers Hill Business Group, which works to continually improve our community.

Become a member, share your input, ask a question and attend our mixers and community events. Together, we will pursue the great opportunity that lies ahead. To learn more, visit or email

— Jake Sutton is co-founder of the Bankers Hill Business Group.

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