Insiders’ Secrets: How to be fabulous and create a life you love!

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By Patricia Rundblade | Soulful Success Secrets

It’s so great to be where I am today. But, what you don’t know about me may shock you.

Now that I’ve reached inner peace about it, I feel ready to share with you…

By Patricia Rundblade | Soulful Success Secrets

By Patricia Rundblade | Soulful Success Secrets

A few years ago, my career was rapidly ascending with a high paying corporate position, managing teams, working with families, and changing lives! After spending years in the trenches in the public education system classrooms…I truly felt I had reached my peak, making my way up the ladder to evoke change in education.

But, there was a catch…

I could have all of this, including prestige, financial security, as long as I did this one thing, actually several…

I’m not sure if you know this about me but I’ll admit it – there was a time in my life, when I let everybody else decide who I was. I lived in everyone else’s image of who I should be instead of being the real authentic me. Heck, I didn’t even know the word authentic existed.

I was so miserable because I was wearing everybody else’s perception, and looking back it was exhausting having to live up to everyone else’s ideals all the time.

I had no idea of my own values; I never spoke up for myself or shared my opinions with others and was constantly living in fear of what other people thought of me.

My 22-year marriage that was based on those same principles came crashing down, and was like a flower slowly dying on a windowsill. A marriage that was set up for failure from the beginning because it was not built on a true foundation of love.

Then I got laid off from my job, yes my cushy high paying corporate gig, and I was forced to look in the mirror…who was I? How did I get here?

The ‘slow implosion,’ that’s what I call that part of my life…. all those years of running, floundering and shaking my fists up at the sky, depressed, unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering what was I doing wrong. What was happening to me?

I started looking within, and I began seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I started to forgive myself, and layers of guilt and shame, emotional abandonment all of this heavy baggage melted away.

You see, I had discovered the insider’s secrets of how to be fabulous and create a life I loved!

What I discovered was, the path to having the life you’ve dreamed about all starts with your inner discovery of the fears, doubts, and insecurities that have been holding you back.

If you have a fear of living the life you dream in your heart, or speaking your truth to others, you’re going to unconsciously sabotage every opportunity and relationship presented to you. This shows up as…

  • Procrastination
  • Indecision
  • Not following up
  • Not committing
  • Not trusting
  • Overwhelm with relationships/daily life
  • Feeling stuck
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Failing to be honest and holding it all inside
  • Visible physical symptoms

Do any of this sound familiar? Do you often feel not worthy or not good enough?

On my path as an inspirational life teacher; my purpose has evolved to help you live a fabulous life, and I learned a few things. I discovered the 7 Fabulous Pillars. The pillars are based on 3 Core Principles and 5 Simple Steps, which create a blueprint to help you go from feeling stuck in life to living a fabulous life!

Take a moment and try this, let’s discover what’s going on…

Step 1: Imagine yourself face to face with the life of your dreams.

Step 2: Write down all the fears, doubts, and insecurities that come up for you, especially the irrational ones – make a list.

Step 3: Now, when you look at this list, which fear triggers you (creates that anxious feeling in your body)?

After choosing the fear that triggers you the most, I want you to feel into the fear. Notice what is happening in your body, and what that little voice in your head saying to you? By doing this, you are acknowledging the fear and bringing it to the surface. You see, a part of living a fabulous life is facing your fears, because as soon as the fear is seen and felt by you, it no longer needs to be seen and felt by you to exist.

Today, I know that the great success that I’ve had ever since my “Independence Day” came about because I took control of my destiny and did it without fear of losing everything. The irony is…

[SPOILER ALERT} Once I let go of the fear of losing everything, I gained everything. Maybe this is a sign for you to let go of something so that you can find your greater purpose and live a fabulous life? The life you have been dreaming of.

It was one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn.

I wrote my first book, which was a healing process in itself. Then, I wrote a second book all about the process of CHANGE, and how to reinvent yourself from the inside out and the process of loving yourself and TRUSTING yourself and the wonderful transformation that can come from embarking on this inner journey.

I feel so BLESSED to be able now to help support and empower others who are going through this healing journey of taking their power back and standing in their truth, finding their voice and living a FABULOUS and courageous life. Creating a life the way YOU desire it to be not the way ‘they’ think it HAS to be.

If you would like my support in transforming your negative and limiting beliefs, and if you would like to let go of the old habits of thought that keep you stuck and suffering in fear, guilt, anger and resentment – I can help you.

Send me an email at and let’s connect – I have some space opening up in my “Power of Your Essence” program. It’s a free chat to explore and see what working together might look like.

Feel free to read the testimonials on my website here:

Whatever you do – decide your dreams, however big or small are worth it! Decide YOU are worth it! Reinvent yourself – TRUST YOURSELF – it’s the BEST gift you could ever give yourself! Live the FABULOUS life you’ve always dreamed of starting today!

Be love, Patricia

Featured on Professionals Radio Network, San Diego Small Business Radio, and The Change Book Radio for her best selling books “The Change: Insights to Self Empowerment” and “OH FLUX! How Did I Get Here?” Patricia is not only passionate but also effective about inspiring women to skyrocket their confidence in life and love with MINDSET mastery tools that help her clients experience the results they seek and prosper in all areas.

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