Letters to the Editor – Feb. 9, 2018

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Family ties

[Ref: “Klicka’s ‘Studio Bungalo’ provided affordable housing in 1930s,” Vol. 10, Issue 1, or online].

Great article, George Klicka was my grandfather, Emil, my great uncle! Thank you for this wonderful article!!

—Stephen Klicka, via

Town Council feedback

[Ref: “Hillcrest Town Council update – Jan. 12, 2018,” Vol. 10, Issue 1, or online at

Thanks to Nancy Moors for speaking out against the proposed hidden site of the AIDS memorial.

Without many of the individuals honored by such a memorial, the whole Hillcrest Town Council and neighborhood would be very different. They deserve a memorial location that is visible and accessible.

There are many sites in and around Balboa Park, Florida Canyon and Morley Field that would be more suitable.

—John Keasler, via our website

I just wanted to note that I live on Seventh Avenue and Pennsylvania and fully support the building across from the AT&T eyesore and the alley entrance is a benefit as far as I’m concerned.

The current lot is an eyesore and is full of feces, broken glass, and needles!!!

—Brent Butler, via website

Targeting expansion

[Ref: “Target plans November opening in North Park,” Vol. 10, Issue 1, or online at

I think this is wonderful! Very excited to have this store even closer to my University Heights home. Many people are worried about Target killing small business in North Park — but the majority of the independent shops in the area sell very unique/specialty items that you wouldn’t find in a Target (think Pigment, Rufskin, Heart & Trotter, etc.).

Target sells basic goods that people need to live. I can’t imagine it will be competition to these merchants — but will bring more people into the neighborhood who will very likely explore all the other wonderful cool shops, bars, restaurants, etc. I can’t wait!

—Ben Cartwright, via website

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