Letters to the Editor – June 1, 2018

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Hello, goodbye

[Ref: “Rogers steps down as HTC chair,” Vol. 10, Issue 8, or online at and “Letters,” Vol. 10, Issue 9, or online at]

You’re so right Benny, Kath has been a gift for Hillcrest and the world at large. We will miss her but are happy that she has found her “dream job” and wish her all the best.

You, Benny, will be an excellent leader and I am looking forward to working with you as the HTC [Hillcrest Town Council] moves forward. The sign of a good board of directors is one that keeps moving forward while changing and growing and living up to its mission to provide a voice for its residents. You got this.

—Luke Terpstra, via our website.

Up in the air

 [Ref: “Living under the airport flight path,” Vol. 10, Issue 2, or online at]

Except for the safety concerns, I actually enjoy watching and listening to the planes fly over my home in Bankers Hill. I am almost right under the flight path. The sound is not as loud and does not last as long as it does when they take off, and I used to live under the flight path when they took off, too, in Point Loma. In fact, I look forward to the planes flying in real low, and at night if I don’t hear them it is now hard to sleep! (I also like sound of the train and trolley and of the freeway a few blocks away. I’m just weird that way.)

—Chris Forte, via our website.

Leaving home

[Ref: “So long, but not farewell,” Vol. 10, Issue 11, or online at]

I wish you guys well. Maybe I am the only one thinking that I don’t know one person who will travel to Paradise Hills to go to Babycakes. I’ve lived in San Diego for almost 30 years and I have no idea where Paradise Hills is located. I went to Babycakes because of the walking distance, location and the ambiance. This will likely become a hangout for straight couples or singles who want to mingle, but there is no way that the gays are flocking to Paradise Hills for these cupcakes. Someone else will move into that prime location in Hillcrest and business will be booming no matter what it is simply because of where it is. You have been voted off the island.

—Derek Ellis, via our website.

A bite of North Park

[Ref: Chicken Pie Shop still serving after 75 years,” Vol. 5, Issue 7 or online at]

This is a wonderful place to eat with fantastic food. We got the dinner. The servers were quick with getting us food. I have nothing bad to say about this place. I would like up see nutrition information on their products.

—Jessica, via our website.

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