Letters to the editor – June 16, 2017

Likes Hillcrest 111

(Re: “The next big thing in Hillcrest?” Vol. 9, Issue 3 or online at

I live on Seventh Street and I support this Hillcrest 111 project. Yes, it’s not pretty, but that corner is a hangout spot for homeless people and this is far better than that. The shops in Hillcrest keep closing down and we have tons of empty storefronts.

We need more people here to reinvigorate the neighborhood and add money to the local economy. This would add a bunch of luxury apartments that would raise the property value of other homes in the area, and it has parking spots for every resident plus extra, so it won’t affect parking.

Yes, I’d rather it looked better and more unique/interesting, but I don’t have as big a problem with the height as some other commenters do. I’d rather they keep it the same height and make it prettier as opposed making it shorter.

Hillcrest is in the center of San Diego, and we should be at the center of new growth, instead of watching all the money going into downtown and North Park. We have been saying no to everything, and I think it’s been to the detriment of Hillcrest.

—Kelly via our website,

[Editor’s note: Please read an update on the Hillcrest 111 project on Page 4 of this edition of San Diego Uptown News.]

Bravo, Michael McQuiggan

(Re: “Face of FilmOut: After battling lymphoma, Program Director Michael McQuiggan looks forward to good health and upcoming festival,” Vol. 9, Issue 11 or online at

Thank you for this wonderful article! I had the privilege of working with Michael McQuiggan for a couple of years as a board member of FilmOut San Diego, and he is by far one of the nicest people I have ever met. I love his passion for movies. It is so great to hear that he is done with chemo and is in remission. I can’t for this year’s festival, all the films look so good!

—Sue Sneering via our website

[Editor’s note: FilmOut San Diego’s 19th annual LGBT Film Festival was held June 9-11 and by all accounts was a smash success. The audiences seemed to agree with Sue about the quality of the movies shown.]

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