Letters to the editor – June 3

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Praise for Et Voila

Re: Uptown Food Briefs — May 20 [Volume 8, Issue 11 or at]

Et Voila where we dined last Sunday was just excellent. We each had something different and we each loved everything we ordered. My husband had French onion soup and was surprised by its lightness of flavor. As an appetizer I had figs and Roblechon cheese. The salads, main courses and soufflés and mousse were just fabulous. The wines were a wonderful complement to the food. They also serve weekend brunch. Can’t wait to go back for my birthday dinner.

–Francie Krauel via our website,

Supporting foster children

Re: Amazing journey: From foster mom to tireless advocate for foster families [Volume 8, Issue 11 or]

Wonderful article! Lani Barnes, please know that we have a resource center in San Marcos called Straight From The Heart and Angel’s families are so welcome to come and receive any of the supportive services we offer. We believe in supporting all foster children and families no matter what agency they are associated with. Would love to meet you!

—Patty via our website

Missing her chicken pies

Re: Chicken Pie Shop still serving after 75 years [Volume 5, Issue 9 or at]

Love this place! Had to move, been gone for 20 years and still miss going here. Do you ship chicken pies overnight? Would love to have them where I live now. Miss you guys, bunches. Your food is absolutely the best. Can’t beat the food and definitely not the price. Everyone needs to go here.

—Cindy via our website

A big oops!

Re: Dancing to the ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ [Volume 8, Issue 11 or at]

Did you even see the show? “I Only Have Eyes For You” isn’t in this particular production [“42nd Street”].

Deke Kaiserski via our Facebook page,

About electric bikes

Re: Are electric bicycles worth the buzz? [Volume 8, Issue 5 or at]

Awesome info. I found it very informative. Thanks a lot.

—EBike Easy Rider via our website

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