Letters to the editor – March 25

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Buzz about The Hive

Re: “The Hive @ Hillcrest coming to prime location” [Volume 8, Issue 6 or]

This is an interesting concept, and while not the use for the space that I think many expected, it will be great to have that prime spot reactived! Best of luck to George Flint and team, and looking forward to checking this space out.

—Benny Cartwright via our website

[Editor’s note: George Flint tells San Diego Uptown News that his phone has been ringing off the hook since our article was published, as potential clients inquire about leasing one of his 30 private salon suites.]

Don’t evict pot shop

Re: “Flapper-era dance hall in Hillcrest to be repurposed, renovated” [Volume 8, Issue 6 or]

Herbal Lust is a great shop with a lovely staff, happy hour, student discount, and bar to pop in and smoke. And it’s a perfect location, if you ask me. It’s just the kind of spot the community needs. Why evict?! [Developer Brandon] Blum’s plan is silly, unnecessary and unwelcome.

—Chris Duran via our website

That’s so ridiculous. He wants the pot shop gone just because he doesn’t want it there. Are you going to help them relocate?

Where are they going to go for their medical cannabis?

I mean, I’m all for rejuvenating the building but to say a pot shop doesn’t belong is close-minded. Would you also say that liquor stores on main streets shouldn’t be there too? Because alcohol is just poisoning people and is much worse than pot.

—Shaun via our website

I’m sick of this “war on cannabis.” He doesn’t want a pot shop there because it’s a main street? That’s close-minded.

I’m all for restoring the building but to put down the medical cannabis operation is such an ignorant mind-set.

Shaun Tuazon-Martin via our Facebook page,

Sad the Body Alchemist wasn’t told of the reinvention plans in January, when the building was purchased.

—Fernando Steffey via our Facebook page

Spacing out

Re: “The Celestial Tower to outer space” [Volume 8, Issue 6 or]

Pretty far out stuff, WAYYYY out of the box.

I can feel the disturbance in the force! The density foes are massing, carrying torches and signs that read “Enforce The 65′ Height Limit!”

There will be a new acronym “NSIMS” — No Space in My Space!

Word on the street is the huggers have hired the San Diego Chicken to run around town shouting “the sky is falling!”

Nice touch bringing in the biblical overtones without leaving out the Darwin crowd.

Other than that, I thought your article was well thought out and reasoned.

Once again, Eric Domeier stirring up the pot. (Uptown upside down)

—Tom Spangler via our website

Coming soon to Sixth and Robinson.

—David Gleason via our Facebook page

About that election

Re: “Uptown Planners election gets record turnout” [Volume 8, Issue 6 or]

I see changes and progress!

Melanie Peters Paisley

What about parking?

Re: “Looking up: North Park’s future coming into sharp focus” [Volume 8, Issue 3 or]

The part of the overwhelming ongoing building plans is still and always has been insufficient parking. This needs to be addressed before more huge buildings are built as public transit doesn’t take care of all needs. Developer pockets should not preclude parking issues which are obvious and have been for 30-plus years continuing to worsen everywhere in the city!

—Sharon Nelson via our website

Up, up and away

Re: “iFLY ready for flight in Mission Valley” [Volume 8, Issue 6 or]

Can’t wait to try!

—Chris Elias via our Facebook page

Separated bike lanes

Re: “Metro San Diego CDC supports separated bicycle lanes” [Volume 7, Issue 22 or]

Planners have not proved that increased separated lanes will greatly increase bike traffic. It has been proved that less lanes means more traffic congestion. Less parking means more congestion, less money for retail stores and higher costs for the high amount of shoppers that drive.

—Lester via our website

Dog is attacked

Re: “To leash or not to leash?” [Volume 6, Issue 26 or]

My miniature Schnauzer was attacked by two dogs [March 17, 2016]. She was being walked and on a leash when these dogs came out of a house that has a concrete fence with wrought iron. Well, the wrought iron panel was missing and the dogs easily got out and attacked my dog. My dog has her leg dislocated and punctured wounds to her leg and groin. My dog is at the vet and might need surgery. I called animal control. What else can I do?

—Rocio via our website

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