Letters to the Editor – March 9, 2018

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An ode to street art

[Ref: “Leaving their mark”, Vol. 10, Issue 4, or online at]

I love seeing this work. It’s special to San Diego, exciting, colorful and conveys a great street vibe. What I have seen so far is artistically charming. And varied!

— Roberta Froome, via

Celebrating homeless advocacy

[Ref: “Giving a voice to San Diego’s unsheltered people”, Vol. 10, Issue 3, or online at]

Thanking you for this heads up on Feb. 21, but especially on getting out the good word on Martha Sullivan and Lori Saldana’s energies in making San Diego a better place for all of us to live.

—Bonnie Bekken, via our website.

Thank you for writing so humanely about my work with and for Unsheltered San Diegans, Cynthia! A small clarification — my work with Lori Saldana doing pop-up Cooling Centers for Unsheltered people was in 2016, not during Occupy SD.

—Martha Sullivan, via our website.

[Editor’s note: Thank you for the clarification, Martha. We have corrected the online article to reflect that change.]

It was a joy to interview you for this story, Martha Sullivan, and to meet John Brady, too — and to talk again with Tony. There is hope on the horizon for true change. God bless you all!

—Cynthia Robertson, via our website.

A warm welcome

[Ref: “Hello, Uptown,” Vol. 10, Issue 3, or online]

Welcome, Sara! I so look forward to meeting you, and watching you continue to grow this great paper! When I was a staff reporter for Ken at, he always told me the same thing that you mentioned he told you: “Humanize, humanize, humanize.” I always remembered this and it greatly improved my writing work!

—Benny Cartwright, via our website.

Hi Sara, welcome to your new position as editor. Yes, Ken did a great job and was always available and approachable in the Uptown. Now it’s your turn, we are all looking forward to more great coverage as the community continues to thrive and grow here on the top of the hill. Again welcome, and best regards for your work ahead. Keep in touch.

—Luke Terpstra, via our website.

Rock on, Sara — I know your folks from the music scene, and live in North Park, as well! I’m an old photographer (accent on OLD!), I’m open to shoot occasional low-impact photography, if you ever need a stringer – you can find samples in Facebook, and if ya look real close you can probably spot your mom and dad somewhere in the archives! Best of luck!

—David Frazier, via our website.

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