Letters to the Editor – May 4, 2018

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A hearty goodbye

[Ref: “Rogers steps down as HTC chair,” Vol. 10, Issue 8, or online at]

Kath has been an incredible leader for the HTC, and the Hillcrest community in general! We’re so sad to see her go but are so excited for what’s ahead for her!

I’ve got big shoes to fill as incoming chair of HTC and look forward to meeting with and continuing to hear resident’s concerns and seeking solutions to make our neighborhood the best in San Diego.

—Benny Cartwright via our website,

A speedy return

[Ref: “Fire closes businesses at The Hub,” Vol. 10, Issue 8, or online at]

BCB was open that morning while fire crews responded. I’d hoped that meant no long-term impact. Best wishes to both BCB and Fix on a speedy return.

—Tom Tipps via our website.

Colorful words

[Ref: “The Color Queen,” Vol. 10, Issue 7, or online at]

Complete gratitude to San Diego Uptown News for their article about my life and my gift of #tetrachromacy. Thank you for honoring me and my contributions of art and science. Blessings.

—Concetta Antico via Facebook.

Majorette flashbacks

[Ref: “Flashy landmarks,” Vol. 10, Issue 7, or online at]

 Working in the snack bar at the Campus Drive-In Theatre was my first job back in 1969. I remember the majorette well.

—Janice Cox via our website.

Closer to home

[Ref: “South Park sips,” Vol. 10, Issue 6, or online at]

So excited to have a Communal Coffee even closer to my house.

—Brijet Myers via Facebook.

An intriguing evening

[Ref: “Neighborhood safety,” Vol. 10, Issue 6, or online at]

It was a very interesting meeting. Congratulations to the board of directors’ Mary and Jae, the community really appreciated your service to the town council.

Thank Mary for this report, very well done.

—Luke Terpstra via our website.

On the move

[Ref: “Rove over to Adams Avenue,” Vol. 10, Issue 6, or online at]

Very well done. A practical idea that complements the purpose of the store.

—W&E O’Leary via our website.

Highlighting visual arts

[Ref: “Uptown News Briefs: March 9, 2018,” Vol. 10, Issue 5, or online at]

What a treat to see Brandon Jameson and ‘50 To Watch’ appear in the Uptown News Briefs. Great artist. Great exhibition. Thank you to the staff of Uptown News for sharing a visual arts story.

—Patric Stillman, via our website.

Historic appreciation

[Ref: “Wilshire Terrace,” Vol. 10, Issue 5, or online at]

Thanks for all of your interesting articles on our part of town.

—Barbara Mitchell, via our website.

My best friend lived on Wilshire Terrace in the late-80s. Gorgeous flat in a
two-story townhome. How wonderful to read the history of the neighborhood!

—Harry Martin II via our website.

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