Letters to the Editor – Sept. 8, 2017

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DACA reactions

San Diego area lawmakers reacted to the Trump administration’s announcement on Sept. 5 that it would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) but would give Congress six months to possibly do something. Here are their statements:


  • U.S. Rep. Susan A. Davis (D-San Diego)

“By ending DACA, President Trump ignores the Dreamers’ economic impact to our country. He has not only put them at risk, but our economy at risk as well. While it’s sad that Trump is siding with the worst elements of his administration, it’s not surprising given his past rhetoric on immigration.

“DACA has been a rousing success. Many Dreamer kids in the workforce are earning high wages – an average of $17 per hour. Nearly half of Dreamers are attending school. Over the next decade, Dreamers are expected to contribute half a trillion in economic activity. The Dreamers are contributing to America in a positive way and they should be allowed to keep contributing.”


  • U.S. Rep. Scott Peters (D-San Diego)

“President Trump, in a display of total and complete cowardice, has outsourced the announcement to end DACA to the Attorney General – a remarkable abdication of responsibility for the heartlessness of an action that leaves 800,000 lives in the balance.

“Ending DACA is unbelievably cruel and it is un-American. It will also immediately damage our economic interests.

“Expelling hundreds of thousands of people who have known no home but the United States makes us weaker and diminishes our standing in the eyes of the world.

“Failures in leadership have led us to this point. Republicans in Congress refused to even allow a vote on comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 that would have protected Dreamers, which is what led to the creation of DACA in the first place.

“Facing this urgent deadline, Congress must finally step up, work together, and do its job. We must move swiftly to protect Dreamers and provide them and their employers with the certainty they deserve. If Congress does not act by March 6, 2018, it is complicit in this economic and moral catastrophe.”


  • U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista)

“When President Obama unilaterally created DACA, he unlawfully overstepped his executive authority and only put a temporary band-aid on a problem which prolonged uncertainty for many children brought here through no fault of their own. The administration’s decision today puts the onus on Congress to address this challenge in the right way: for the long-haul, with respect for our nation’s laws, a desire to enhance the integrity of our borders, and a sense of compassion for those who were brought here in their childhood years ago and wish to stay as productive members of our communities. I’m eager to get to work on a permanent fix and call on Democrats and Republicans alike to immediately put political posturing aside and let this be a catalyst to achieve long-overdue reforms in this important area of concern.”


  • Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego)

“Ending the DACA program demonstrates yet again that President Trump wants to divide America. His decision is cold-hearted and counter to the bipartisan outcry to allow the 800,000 Dreamers to remain in the only country they’ve known. What’s more is that DACA’s repeal will hurt our economy with an average of 30,000 jobs lost every month equating to billions of dollars in lost economic output.

“This decision cannot stand. It is contrary to our country’s values and it spits in the face of the diversity the United States was founded upon. I urge Congress to stand up to the President and immediately pass the DREAM Act.

“In the meantime, I will continue to stand in solidarity with our DACA recipients and work with my colleagues in the California Legislature to do all we can to protect our Dreamers.”

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