Letters to the Editor – Sept. 7, 2018

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[Ref: “What about the arts?” Vol. 10, Issue 16, or online at]

We in City Heights would love to have artists move in. Many places are for rent or even for sale. Close by but more affordable. Could be a good opportunity for artists.

—Taylor McDonald, via our Facebook page.

(Photo by Jess Winans)


[City Heights] is a deliciously diverse community with plenty of cultures and many yummy foods available. We’d love to have you.

—Jeanette Neely, via our Facebook page.

Thank you for continuing to tell this story, Jess. Sunday [Aug. 12] the gallery closes to the public and we begin to de-construct our studios. More to come!

—Patric Stillman of The Studio Door, via our Facebook page.


[Ref: “MOPA turns 35,” Vol. 10, Issue 15, or online at]

(Photo by Cynthia Robertson)

Unable to make this highly anticipated event at my favorite Balboa Park museum, I was grateful to see your coverage by the photojournalist Cynthia Robertson. Her feature captures the passion for life that makes photography so critical to our recording its moments, its impressions, its interpretations.

Grateful, too, that MOPA found a home in Balboa Park, where always excellently curated exhibits are a constant invitation. May it always be accessible. May the parking always be free, though word is Local Power Structure will have its way in building a costly parking garage behind the Sore Kees Organ, with paid parking, and a concrete freeway-style ramp to access it, doing away with the historic bridge.

(Photo by Cynthia Robertson)

Woe is us! Why do we let the monied push us around and make us pay the $50 million for this “improvement?” Enjoy MOPA and its wonderful “pay what you can” policy — while you can. Unless you can join the tourists and “scooter” in.

—Bonnie Bekken, via our website.

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