A scavenger hunt for foodie kids

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Treats await adventurous eaters at Barons Market North Park

By Lucia Viti

Calling all culinary-adventurous youth to task! Kids of all ages are invited to bring their parents to one of North Park’s neighborhood grocery stores — Barons Market — for a food scavenger hunt on Saturday, June 10, from 2–4 p.m., or as long as supplies last.

Ahead of the food scavenger hunt for children, a local family loads up at the fresh salad bar. (Courtesy of Barons Market)

Young foodies will blaze through 10 gourmet food stations to sample a potpourri of healthy foods that sidestep the ho-hum of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. The brainchild of Rachel Shemirani, vice president of marketing for Barons Markets, the inaugural event promises to supersede the boundaries of a diet replete with conventional fatty foods and high sugar snacks by offering healthy, scrumptious and off-beat alternatives.

Hunters will trail through a myriad of the unusual including quinoa, kale and lentil chips; bright pink dragon fruit; multi-colored carrots; gummy hibiscus; quinoa edamame salad; ice cream dripping with flavored chocolate balsamic vinegar; and a variety of kombucha drinks.

Scavenger hunt cards will be stamped upon completion of each taste test. All 10 stations must be “tasted” to win a prize.

“Food samples will challenge our youngest shoppers to step outside of their culinary comfort zones,” Shemirani said. “We chose our favorites — like ice cream drizzled with dark chocolate balsamic vinegar — that kids wouldn’t necessarily try on their own. And dragon fruit, which may look funky and scary on the outside, but it’s really yummy on the inside. Talk about adventure, kids will love the rainbow carrots with edamame humus; the purple corn flakes with flax milk; and even the ugly, gummy hibiscus flowers.”

Shemirani is not only determined to offer children — and their parents — a healthy replacement to fast-food drive-thrus, the food sample scavenger hunt will enable families to explore all-natural foods without committing to a full serving of one specific item.

“Our scavenger hunt encourages kids to try new foods without the need for parents to purchase an entire bag or bottle of anything,” she said. “We realize that parents often struggle to spice up the standard pantry with healthy foods that their kids will enjoy. Our goal is to expand their palates and what better way to do so than a fun scavenger hunt!”

Kids with a message (Courtesy of Barons Market)

Shemirani also described the eclectic selection of scavenger hunt items as interesting, unique and delicious gourmet foods that kids will enjoy void of any “fear factor.” She noted a common misconception that kids just like hot dogs and chicken nuggets as do parents because they’re fast, easy and inexpensive. However, Barons offers a varied selection of organic, natural and healthy foods that can be considered “the other kind of fast food.”

“We provide parents a healthy alternative to fast food,” she continued. “Our salad bar is fast, inexpensive, and easy. Kids see first-hand how kids love our salad bar. Kids love building salads using veggies, fruits, and hummus, while parents are happy to see their kids eating healthy foods. We introduce new foods to a child’s palate in a way that will enable them to say on their own, ‘I really love this!’ without having to ask them.”

Shemirani described Barons Market North Park, which opened in December, as exceeding all expectations. This grocery is the “perfect fit for such a vibrant area,” she said.

“Barons Market North Park — our first urban market — offers a unique, affordable selection of all-natural food and locally grown produce,” she concluded. “Embraced by the community, we’ve seamlessly aligned with community values. Our warm, friendly and cool staff helps parents and kids enjoy a grocery shopping experience that’s perfect for home dining, school lunchboxes and movie munchies.”

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