Uptown News Briefs: March 23, 2018

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Last week, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) began the installation of signage on Interstate 15 (I-15) to depict express lane rules, estimated travel times to freeway connectors, and FasTrak toll rates.

“A recent research effort determined that the existing signage on the I-15 Express Lanes can be difficult to read, and that posted information about toll rates and who can use the lanes isn’t easily understood,” according to a SANDAG press release. “With input from I-15 commuters that participated in focus groups and surveys, upgraded signs were designed to address these issues.”

Signs will be installed in the northbound lanes from the south end of the Express Lanes northward, as well as in the southbound lanes next from the north end of the Express Lanes southward. Signage near transit centers will be also added, which lead toward Direct Access ramps.

Overall, the project should take 12 weeks to complete, with new signs being installed between 9 p.m.–5 a.m. Consequently, lane closures will occur during those times.

For more information about the I-15 express lanes, visit


This month, San Diego Architectural Society (SDAS) will host Open House San Diego (OH! SD), the largest local architecture and design event, featuring 24 buildings in Uptown and 80 sites total.

Visitors are invited to participate in designer-led tours and talks at many of the sites. Some will be first come, first served; others will require reservations. The family-friendly event is open to everyone.

In addition to the open house, tours and talks, SDAS encourages attendees to take photographs of the sites and enter them into their juried architectural photography competition.

Each OH! SD site was selected based on its contribution to the city, with architectural, historic or cultural significance. There will be a mix of new buildings and historic landmarks.

OH! SD will be held on March 24–25, with most sites open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For a 2018 guide, map, full list of sites or more information, visit


North Park resident Vicki Granowitz received the title of Woman of the Year in Senate District 39 for 2018. She was honored by Senator Toni Atkins on March 12.

Granowitz was one of 40 women from California recognized by the Senate this year. She has a long history of civic engagement holding various positions serving as a member of the San Diego Planning Commission, chair of the North Park Planning Committee, member of the Park and Recreation Board, chair of the Balboa Park Committee, and as a member of the Clean Syringe Exchange Program Facilitation Committee. Additionally, she previously worked as a social worker and counselor for families and victims of sexual abuse.

“Vicki Granowitz has spent two decades bringing communities together, physical communities. Economically diverse communities, geographic communities,” Atkins said in a statement read on the Senate floor. “In her myriad civic leadership roles, she has been a champion for people of all backgrounds, encouraging them to listen, engage and work together to make San Diego — and her North Park neighborhood — a better place for everyone.”

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