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By Andrew Grover – Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center | Expert Advice

It is autumn. The air is chilled, quiet and refreshing (except in Southern California!).

Andrew Grover | Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center

Andrew Grover | Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center

Daylight has dimmed, and brightly colored leaves depart their branches, floating whimsically back to the earth. Migrating birds squawk warnings of winter to come. Thankfully in San Diego winter, we can skip the frostbite.

The variations in climate are as infinite as stars in the sky. Seasons change, as does the temperature, wind, humidity and precipitation of each region. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), people change with the seasons as well. The Guess Who even sang, “Seasons change, so did I.”

The five seasons of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (as simplified to the life of a plant):

Winter → Spring → Summer → Late-Summer → Autumn → Winter

Seed   → Sprout → Blossom → Ripening Fruit → Decay →   Seed

Autumn- “Let it go”.

Autumn is the season of letting go. Leaves and fruits fall from trees and slowly decay. The loss of foliage however, ends up enriching the earth, depositing organic compounds and trace minerals that nourish new seeds for years to come. Apply this elementary process to your life, and shed some extra baggage you’ve been carrying. Become an observer to the natural lessons life has in store.

            Applications for Autumn Adaptations:

  1. Laughter is magnificent for treating melancholy
  2. So is crying. Let. It. Go.
  3. Dependability is crucial. Your community needs you, so show up!
  4. Turn down your media player. All moments have a message, you may want to listen.
  5. Look for genuine ways to support your loved ones and co-workers.
  6. Look for unique ways to support yourself. Get creative, you’re worth it!
  7. Use Essential Oils. I recommend Floracopeia or Bach Flower brands for quality.
  8. Consider your exhale as medicine, use it to calm ascending tension.
  9. Aerobic exercise- Support your lungs and invigorate your mood.
  10. Digestive ease- your colon is on overdrive from all the late-summer fruits. Eat simple.

Bring your awareness to the weather within!


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